Three Day Jump Start


Welcome to your Three Day Jump Start!!  

 On this page you'll find everything you need for success!


In the next 3 days you'll get to try the #1 NUTRITION COMPANY in the world, Herbalife nutrition!  If you have tried ANY other shake or meal replacement (premier protein, slimfast, shakeology....or 1000s of others) know that when you do THIS CHALLENGE, you are using THE BEST (literally statistically Herbalife owns over 30% of the global sales and the next competitor behind us is less than 2%... HUGE difference) 


Let's open your JumpStart Kit and see what you have!

  • 6 Cookies and Cream Shake Packets (150cal, 17g protein and 21 essential vitamins and minerals)

  • 6 Servings of Metabolic Boosting Tea OR

  • 6 Servings of Metabolic Boosting Tablets


Get prepared

As you know, we start the Three Day JumpStart every Monday.  You will follow the plan on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday!!   On Thursday, we will jump on a quick 15  minute Zoom Call at 7pm MST to announce the winners!  (must be present to win unless you notify your coach before starting the challenge)  


 Follow these steps so you are ready to GET RESULTS!    


This group will support you for the 3 days of your challenge!  We will be sharing pics of our meals, snacks, workouts, shakes and more!  This is a great space to be asking questions as you will have 24/7 access to multiple Fitt Coaches!  If you do not wish to download telegram, you can interact in our

Telegram Group Link (coming soon)

Free Facebook Community Group Link


For your Three Day JumpStart you will be eating 2 shakes, 2 healthy snacks and 1 healthy meal each day.  If you don't have your healthy options on hand, you may be tempted to reach back into the processed carbs!! Plan ahead by looking at these healthy snack options and healthy meal ideas!  

Healthy Protein Snacks​


How to win!!

Not only do you have the chance to discover the JumpStart energy, but you will also have the chance to WIN!!!  There is a prize pot each week (size is based on the number in that weeks challenge) and the person who earns the most points WINS!!!  This is meant to keep you focused and dedicated!  Here is how you win:


  • 3 Pts: Announce on your personal Facebook page that you're joining the 3 Day Jumpstart and tag your coach

    • 1pt daily:  Drink or eat your 2 Shakes a day (chance for 3 pts)

    • 1pt daily: Have your 2  Metabolism boosters a day (chance for 3 pts)

    • 1pt daily: Share on your personal page about the challenge each day - See ideas below! (chance for 3 pts)

    • 1pt daily: Hitting your water goal (This should be 1/2 your body weight in ounces (chance for 3 pts)

    • 1pt daily: Exercise/get active for 30 minutes (chance for 3 pts)

  • 3 Pts: Share your experience on Thursday am (no later then 12pm mst) and tag your coach on you personal Facebook page 

Total potential points = 21 

Track your points and send to your coach on Thursday by 12pm MST!

Remember in order to win the prize, you need to be present on the Thursday night :ZOOM call (unless you notify your coach before starting that you have prior obligations aka work or travel)  Click on the link below and the password is "zoom"

Meal plan

Let's get started!  These next three days are going to provide you with the basics to kick start your healthy lifestyle!  Our favorite thing about the RightFitt programs is that we have FUN.  We ENJOY OUR FOOD.  And best yet - we GET RESULTS!


Finally we KEEP IT SIMPLE.... shake, snack, shake, snack, MEAL.  That's it!!  



Your snacks should be protein focused - aka don't grab a gronala bar or chips or crackers.  Check out this snack list for some good ideas.

Healthy Protein Snacks​



Dinner should be colorful!  Here are some quick fun pictures that will help you make your dinner selections simple.  











Your shakes should be amazing tasting!! If they are not - reach out to your coach asap!  The packets can be blended or shaken... or you can even have some fun with our baked creations!  Here are your shake making basics:


Regular blended shake

Put 8oz of water in your blender

Add the packet and any other flavorings (see recipes below)

Add 1 cup of ice

Blend for 90 seconds


Extra Protein Blended Shake

Put 8oz of skim milk, Life Milk or Ripple in your blender

Add the packet and any other flavorings (see recipes below)

Add 1 cup of ice

Blend for 90 seconds

lazy man shake

Put 8oz of water or milk in your shaker bottle

Add the packet

Shake it up!!!

Bake your shake

Mix your packet with 3 tbsp egg whites

Add water until it is a batter consistency 

SPRAY whatever you are cooking in

Bake in a mug (mircrowave 2.5 minutes, waffle iron, pancakes etc

Here are 6 amazing recipes - try them all or stick with your favorite

Plain Jane Cookies

Cookies n Cream Packet

8 oz Water or Milk

1 Cup Ice

Option to add:

Vanilla Extract

Vanilla pudding Mix

Peanut Butter Cookie

Cookies n Cream Packet

8 oz Water or Milk

1 Cup Ice

1 Scoop Peanut Butter Powder

Vanilla Extract

Fruity Float

Cookies n Cream Packet

8 oz Water or Milk

1 Cup Ice

1/3 Cup Frozen Fruit

Add Fage Greek yogurt to the side of your glass and a dollop inside!


Cookies n Cream Packet

8 oz Water or Milk

1 Cup Ice

1 Scoop Peanut Butter Powder

1 Scoop Cocao

Make it a float by adding creek yogurt!

Frosted Animal Cracker

Cookies n Cream Packet

8 oz Water or Milk

1 Cup Ice

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

1 tsp white chocolate pudding mix

1 square graham cracker

Healthy Waffles

Cookies n Cream Packet

3 tbsp egg whites

1tsp vanilla extract

Water to the consistency of waffle batter

Spray iron thoroughly

Vanilla Extract

what's next

There are an assortment of results we get from the Three Day JumpStart!  Some people have MORE ENERGY!!!  Others LOSE WEIGHT!   Some find that they just LIKE THE SHAKES and that they make life SIMPLE!   


Regardless of your results, we have a few options for you after you complete your JumpStart.  


2.) GET A 20% TO 40% DISCOUNT!


Reach out to your coach to take the next step!!



We can't wait to hear from you

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