Round 2 BOOTy werk aka #rightfittass - shaping and building

Time to build that bootie and shape those legs!!

Congratulations on making a commitment to your health and your core!! This is month 2 of a 3 set series!!   Welcome to your #RightFittAss Challenge!  (see what we did there lol)

This months focus is shaping and toning. 

The second round of Booty Werk is all about diving into shaping the booty and legs while also building you up!  


The full workout is 4 weeks long and you can start anytime!!  Each week you will alternate 2 workouts for 6 days and take the 7th day off.  You have 4 weeks to complete the 24 workouts.  Simply declare in the facebook group what your start day is and what your end day will be!! ANNNNDD -  a challenge is always more fun with a friend to complain with - So grab a buddy and have them register too!!

Challenge Overview


Step 1:

Take a before picture of your mid section down to legs (preferably front, side and back).  This is going to be very important for you to see how your shape is coming together.  In order to win FREE Booty #3 you have to have a documented before and after pic - this can be completely anonymous with no face or skin showing.  

Step 2:

Save the workouts on your phone (A screenshot will do)

Workout 1

20 single legged glute bridges

30 butterfly bridges

40 donkey kicks with a pulse each leg

35 fire hydrants with a kick each leg

35 up downs or knee squats

30 squats with a front kick

20 squat walks each way

30 squat pulses


Workout 2

100 Squats (add weight if you need an additional challenge)

Step 3:

Workout!!  This month you will alternate between workout 1 and workout 2 every other day.  You will work for 6 days in a row and take off day 7.  You cannot skip or make up. 


Workout 1 is a total burn and will work on shaping your legs and buns.  Watch the following video for full instructions.  It may take you longer than 10 minutes b/c of the burn at first.  That is ok!  Go at your pace.   And if you are a rockstar who isn't hurting with this - SQUEEZE HARDER!  It makes a huge difference.  You can also add ankle weights!



Workout 2 is simple as can be!  Literally It Is just 100 squats (preferably in a row).  If 100 squats in a row is simple for you, add weight.  If you are really building and have a squat rack, you can add even more weight and do 100 reps in sets.   

Step 4:

Check In!!! Go to your personal facebook page and click "check in" and select RightFitt.  (please like the page now and go ahead and give us a good rating!)  Here is the link: 

RightFItt Page

You can post any comment and use the #RightFittachallenge so that we can review all of the posts. 


If you do not want to win free Booty Challenge #3 but still want results - NO PROBLEM!!  Just check in to our private group!  (checking in to the private group does not qualify you to win free abs)


STEP 5: 

Don't forget your nutrition.  If you join us and are working hard core on your lower body but you are still eating extra calories and a lack of nutrients, you are going to discover that you are getting bigger but not more tone.  That is not our goal.  We want to help you create SHAPE which requires healthy nutrition.  As you probably know - it's 80% nutrition and 20% fitness.  If you haven't been getting the weight loss results you desire - reach out for a free personal consult so we can talk about a strategy that will work FOR YOU!  Make sure you are in the following free group for additional support



Also be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel to get updates on nutrition, fitness and mindset

RightFitt YouTube Channel

Step 6:​

Reach out if you want a FREE health consultation!!  We can discuss your nutrition, exercise and energy mgmt as well as answer any of your questions!

Step 7:​

WIN!??  If you complete all the days and reps, check in publicly 24 times and provide a before and after pic (anonymous post option for those not wanting share) -  You will get the next Booty challenge for no entry fee.   In order to WIN - you must text your results to 720-275-9588.  


If you have questions - text Caley at 720-275-9588​

Additional tools for success

Nutrition guidance

25 to 35g protein

Up to 300 calories

Suggestion to play with your Healthy Formula 1 in Waffles, Pancakes, Muffins, Cupcakes and Crepes.  

Recipes are in the RightFitt Community Facebook Group

25 to 35g protein

Up to 300 calories

Enjoy one of our many holiday flavor Formula 1 shakes like pumpkin spice, carrot cake, caramel drizzle frappuccino or praline 'n cream.

(if you are not doing shakes, follow macro guidelines above)

10-15g protein

100-200 calories

You should have 1-2 snacks per day.  You will notice if you follow those ratios of calories to protein - you will not be able to have a large carb serving  


Cottage cheese, greek yogurt, jerky, deli meet, tuna, veggies or protein bars.

40 - 50g protein

400 - 600 calories

Your main meal each day does NOT have to be at night - you can mix and match these any way that makes sense for you.  (bfast lunch or dinner)

For one meal focus on including:

  • Protein

  • Raw Veggie

  • Cooked Veggie

  • 1 Serving Carb

Need Meal Ideas?  Try one of these links to help you find some yummy recipes! 



Look for recipes that have a 10% protein ratio.  That means if a recipe is 500 calories than It should have close to 50g protein



We can't wait to hear from you

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