Have Fun - Get Results!!!

Join one of our many challenges or events to propel you to get results!!  There are an assortment to choose from.  If you need help picking - Reach out and a Fitt Coach will lead you in the right direction!

Full Transformation

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Nutrition challenges

These make getting your nutrition under control easy and fun!  Guidance to casually change your lifestyle while you enjoy the process.  You can participate in the 21 day challenges any time!!   We suggest the Detox and Cleanse once a quarter.  There are free options for each challenge outside of the cost of your nutrition!  Click on each title to get more details!  

Holiday Prep Detox - Lose 10lbs Before the Holidays
Holiday Hold Em Tournament 2020
JET Drink Challenge
21 Day Shake Detox Challenge

At Home Abs Challenges

Trim down the tummy in just 10 minutes from home.  Each challenge lasts one month - expect fun, quirky and unique!   The motivation is high and the support community is unparalleled.  And there are prizes along the way!


There are 5 different challenges.  If you want to maximize results, do them in order from 1 to 5.  If you successfully complete all challenges you will win an additional prize!  Each challenge is $10 to join.  Simple, affordable and fun!

Round 3 #RightFittAbs Challenge - Pull It It
Round 4 #RightFittAbs Challenge - Adding Muscle
Round 2 #RightFittAbs Challenge - 80/20 Rule
Round 5 #RightFittAbs Challenge - The Final Countdown **
Round 1 #RightFittAbs Challenge - Consistency

At Home Booty Challenges

Work on trimming down those legs and building that firm booty in just 10 minutes a day from home.  There are 3 different booty challenges. Work the challenges in order for optimum results.  Successfully complete all three in a row and win an additional prize!!  Again these are only $10 per challenge and they provide you with everything you need from accountability and support to personalized guidance whenever you need it!

Booty Werk Challenge - #RightFittAss Round 2
Booty Werk Challenge - #RightFittAss Round 3
Booty Werk Challenge - #RightFittAss Round 1

Full Body Workout Challenges

Each one unique... each one fun... each one completed from home... and each one delivers results!!  Do them with our team when we kick off or do them when it makes sense for your.  Regardless you will have the support and community you need!  $10 per challenge with everything you need for 10 minute results from home!

I'm Thankful.... #RightFittChallenge
Ballz n Bunz Month 30 Day Challenge
Sunz Out Gunz Out
Bringing Sexy Back!

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