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RightFitt offers programs that will help you FIND YOUR WAY in both PHYSICAL fitness and MENTAL happiness.  We make getting results FUN and SIMPLE.    

Weight Loss shouldn't be a challenge...

Working Out shouldn't be a nuisance...

Life shouldn't be a struggle...

&Happiness shouldn't be a chore.

Welcome to our community of REAL people where the programs are helping ALL AGES, SIZES & TYPEs to achieve their ULTIMATE HEALTH....and guess what -


There are multiple ways we can help you achieve ultimate success including:

360°Complete Transformations

Fun At Home Fitness Challenges

Fun Nutrition Challenges

In Person Workouts

Regardless of what programs are right for you, you will want to

take advantage of our 3 FREE Services

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The best part about RightFitt is that we have ALL of the TOOLS YOU NEED to get lasting results!  Our "Complete Transformations" meet you exactly where YOU ARE!  

Check out our complete programs including:

ProjectMe (Nutrition plan, workout plan, supplements, weekly meetings, education, plateau busters, photoshoot and more.)

ProjectMomMe (Same as above for prenatal and postpartum moms)

Men Transformations (Personalized programs for our men since we know most do not follow the group format.)

I AM: Journey (100% Mindset program...If your mind isn't right, it's hard to achieve your goals.  This is not a nutrition program but rather one that will help you not only survive life, but thrive in it!)


challenges & Programs

10 minutes a day - that's all it takes to kick start healthy habits!  These are fun 30 day challenges where you get specific instructions and exercise programs all completed from the comfort of your own home!  They are for ALL LEVELS and ALL AGES.  Modify for injuries, but enjoy having guidance to get your workout done in just 10 minutes a day without leaving the house!  We kickstart a program every month together, but you can join any challenge ANY time!  Do what works for you.   Here are a couple Examples of the series!  

RightFitt Abs (5 different challenges that will build your core strength, define your abs and slim your waistline)


RightFitt Booty (3 different challenges focusing on the bootie and legs to help you define and build your butt)


Summer Slim Down (3 different challenges offering fun full body workouts toning in everything!




Each challenges is only $10 to join AND you will have a chance to win every week if you stay on track and check in!

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Preparing Food


challenges & Programs

These make getting your nutrition under control easy and fun!  Guidance to casually change your lifestyle while you enjoy the process.  You can participate in the 21 day challenges any time!!   We suggest the Detox and Cleanse once a quarter.  There are free options for each challenge outside of the cost of your nutrition!  Click on each title to get more details!  

3 Day Jump Start (Get a taste for how we effectively deliver results by committing just 3 days!)

Perfect 10 Days (Elevate results, bust through plateaus, prep for an event or recover from a vacation with dedication to 10 Perfect Days)

21 Day Reboot (Not your typical cleanse or detox...this 21 day program guides you with EXACT Foods to reset your system in addition to support balancing your digestion)

21 Day Shaken Not Stirred (Fun AND effective!!  We replace 1 -2 meals a day with a delicious smoothie that delivers results!)

21 Day Jet Drink (Something unique that will help you flush out the gut, ward off hunger and drop lbs.)


RightFitt offers personalized coaching to all of our clients.  We will help you choose what accountability programs make the most sense for your OR we will simply create a fully customized program for you!  Click to be connected with a Fitt Coach and enjoy a free consultation to see if RightFitt is the right fit for you!

Still Not Sure!?  NO WORRIES!!  That is what we are here for.  Simply fill out this form and a Fitt Coach will get back to you via text to help you decide what exactly will help YOU meet YOUR goals!