I AM: A Visionary

For the past 4 weeks we have been doing the groundwork of self discovery. We have started to take steps towards positivity and recognition of the blessing that surround us.  Our Miracle Morning routine is helping us take control of our day and most of you are starting to see positive changes!  

We will continue to learn and work on our positivity and gratitude for NOW... but what about the future?  In order to be grateful for now... does that mean we shouldn't​ pursue having more in our lives?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!  Welcome to lesson 5...












Password is: Living My Journey

Lesson of the Week

"The only thing worse than being blind, is having sight but no vision."

Helen Keller


Vision In our life is SO important, but it is often a forgotten or lost art.  Many of us visualized as kids - we called it "Day Dreaming".  Many of us visualized as athletes - we called it Mental Practice.  But once you enter the "real world" somehow we just lose it.  The focus becomes routine life... wake up, make breakfast, get ready, get the kids to school, go to work, pay the bills, pick the kids up, make dinner, get kids ready for bed, go to bed... Wait for the weekend where we can "do life".  And then get ready to start it all over on Monday.  So you ask yourself... 


And the we feel guilty for even asking the question because we are so thankful for our life and our health (and all of the other things we have been studying so far).  But the fact of the matter is:


There is more for you out there.  There is a passion within in that is waiting to come out.  A powerful incredible women who wants to experience it all.  There is a way for you to live and give and be.   The only hang up is YOU.  

This week we dive into how to start dreaming again.  What REALLY COULD be!?  This is going to be fun for some of you and it's going to be really uncomfortable for others.  Regardless - we will get through it together and help you understand why you deserve it and how you can get there. 


Worksheets for the Week

This lesson is online or in person.  If you are participating online, please print out the following and add it to your notebook!  For our in person participants, these sheets will be provided to you.

Figuring Out What You Want in Your Life

300 Bucket List​

Audio for the Week




Online Supplies for Week

  • 8x5 (small) 3 ring binder w/ 20 pages​

  • Magazine or printed pictures that align with your visions you have been working on for the last week (or years!)

  • Stickers that inspire you... add some flare and bling!

  • ​Glue to piece your book together

  • Completed worksheets from above  

Homework for the Week

  • Work on your vision book

  • Post pics of your vision book in the group (Share a couple pages!)

  • Review your vision book for 10 minutes each night

  • Option to buy the book 5 Love Languages (if not we will be sharing a video from YouTube in next weeks lessons)

5 Love Languages Book​

  • Take the following quiz to get ready for next weeks lesson on relationships!

Take Love Languages Quiz​


Inspiration for the Week 

VisioningArtist Name
00:00 / 04:12
I AM: A visionary
Do you understand that you are worthy of creating and achieveing your wildest dreams?
Are finding that your financial situation is hindering your ability to dream as big as you like?
Are you taking proactive steps to increasing your financial health?



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