Lesson 1 helped us start the discovery process to assess where we are and identify what we want to BECOME.  Your one word is there for you every day. A gentle reminder to align your actions with the desired results in your life.

We have SO MANY steps to come in order to make this life transformation and growth, but in order to succeed in any of the areas, it is important to start with our basic habits and rituals.  This week we are embodying 


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Lesson of the Week

The way you start your day, sets your day.  Your energy and thoughts from the moment you wake up create the standard your oncoming day will have.  Let me give you a couple examples:

Example 1:

Your alarm goes off at 6am and roll over and press snooze.  Just a few more minutes to drift back in to the world of dreams while you sleep.  This ONE SIMPLE action is telling your mind multiple things.  A - Your dream world asleep is better than your world awake b/c your awake world isn't made of dreams.  B - You start off with a FAIL.  One simple step was to listen to your alarm and start your day and you couldn't do it.  C - You are already behind... already late... already rushed.  

Example 2: 

You wake up to your alarm and grab your phone... you start scrolling through facebook, checking the news and looking at emails.  This one ritual is telling your mind multiple things.  It is exposing your brain to potential negativity, gossip, trivialities; opening you up for all of the negative energy to come through.  It is also the perfect distraction so that you don't have to fully own your thoughts or being.  Now you get to hide behind and in others.  

Example 3: 

You wake up before your alarm and your heart starts beating with excitement.  YOU GET ANOTHER DAY TO DO LIFE!!!   You rise powerfully from bed and nourish your body with a big glass of water while stretching your muscles and giving gratitude for all of the things in your world.  You get your blood flowing with 100 jumping jacks and your endorphins kick in.  At the same time you start to visualize who you are becoming and see yourself having all of the success in the world you could possibly dream.  You have chills!  You let yourself get quiet and feel the peace around you for a few minutes and just breath.  Feeling the energy course through your body;  YOU CAN DO ANYTHING  your mind tells you!  Finally you look in the mirror and you tell that incredible woman looking back at you that she is BEAUTIFUL!!  She is STRONG!!  She is SUCCESSFUL!! She is SAFE!!  She is PASSIONATE!!  She is LOVE!!  She is EXTRAORDINARY!!  She is GROWING!! She is WORTHY!! And she is EXACTLY WHERE SHE IS SUPPOSED TO BE TAKING THE STEPS SHE NEEDS FOR A FULFILLED INCREDIBLE LIFE.  

How do each of these scenarios make you feel?  Your morning routine is a choice and it is drastically affecting how you show up to your life. This week we will learn to take control and start a few new rituals.  

Worksheets for the Week

This lesson is online.  We suggest that everyone prints up this weeks worksheets and adds them to your binder.

Miracle Morning Cheat Sheet

Audio for the Week




Online Supplies for Week

Nothing!  Just be ready to learn and have your worksheet printed up!

Homework for the Week

  • Do your Miracle Morning Routine Every Day

  • Check in on facebook group every day after morning routine

Inspiration for the Week 

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