In order to discover where you want to go, you have to become aware of where you are.  Our first couple sessions will help you realize your current situation which will be the base of our next step - vision. 


We will begin your journey by focusing on one word that will inspire and challenge throughout this process.  This will offer you focus to keep you moving in the right direction throughout the process.

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Worksheets for the Week

If you are participating online, we recommend grabbing a binder to put your weekly worksheets in.  If you are local, we will provide you with a binder at your first meeting.  

Binder Cover

Reflection Worksheet

One Word Worksheet

One Word Ideas

Audio for the Week




Lesson of the Week

This week we discover and choose our One Word.  (If you didn't read One Word by Jon Gordon, you may still want to give it a quick read!)  Don't forget to complete the Reflection exercise from your pre work.  This may help you in your one word selection.

Online Supplies for Week

Every week we will have different types of activities that help with your process.  Our local participants paid a higher amount for that in person experience and supplies.  But if you are participating online and would like to take part in our craft or activity, we recommend grabbing a few items before our weekly meeting. 


This week we will be creating pieces of jewelry to remind us of our One Word and keep it close.  The consistent reminder is an amazing tool in our transformation process.   You can find easy jewelry making items at Hobby Lobby, Walmart or Michael's.   It could even be something as simple as these letter beads from Amazon!  If you do not want to make jewelry you can do some simple things like making signs to put around your home!


Homework for the Week

  • Check into our facebook group daily and share how you are using your one word.

  • Purchase The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod for Lesson 2

  • Read 15 minutes a day

Inspiration for the Week

You have to understand what we are doing through the I AM: JOURNEY to really understand how we will be providing you with the tools and resources to propel your life.  While each lesson alone might not seem extraordinary and life altering, the compilation of the lessons and the daily practice will create the result.

In order to create change and new and possibilities, we have to dive into our subconscious and morph from the inner most thoughts out.  But we have to do so by using the outer most thoughts intentionally and repetitiously to transform inward.  It is a process of changing our brain... our habits... our expectations... our thoughts... our SELF.

Watch this video to understand more.  We additionally encourage you to share on your facebook page and tag I AM and #IAmJourney.

One Word!.m4aArtist Name
00:00 / 02:42
I AM: aware



We can't wait to hear from you

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