I AM: Capable of loving

 As you start to deepen your relationship with yourself, you are going to find that you want to deepen your relationships with others.  This week we will dive into the way you communicate love.  


I AM: Capable of Loving



Lesson of the Week

"The only thing worse than being blind, is having sight but no vision."

Helen Keller


It's interesting.  We all want to receive love and we all want to give love...  But do we ever consider that we don't show our love the same way?   

After listening to this weeks lesson, you will realize that each of us shows love a certain way and each of us receives love a certain way.  But if we are not aware of how we love... and if we do not COMMUNICATE how we love, we can make a mess of things.  

Even though we are all doing our personal best to share our love...we don't have the recognition that the other person may have NO IDEA what our intention is.  Let's dive in and discover that you are CAPABLE OF LOVING.... and capable of communicating that love.  


Worksheets for the Week

This week is a journaling week so be ready to participate during the lesson.  If you would like to get ahead, you can take the love languages quiz before watching!  The following worksheet will also be valuable during our conversation in discovering love languages.  

Take Love Languages Quiz​

Love Language Identifier

Online Supplies for Week

  • Journal

  • Option of getting the book 5 Love Languages

5 Love Languages Book​

  • Worksheet from above

Homework for the Week

  • Share your love languages on the group page

  • Every day - intentionally love someone in THEIR language and share about it in the page. 

Inspiration for the Week 

I AM: capable of loving
Do you think you have the tools to better share love now?
Do you have the communication skills to help others know how to love you better?



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