I AM: ..... WHAT?  What are you?  What are you affirming?  What are you deciding?  What are you creating?  You have been doing I AM: Journey for 9 weeks now, but this week we are diving into the full are of affirmations:




Lesson of the Week

You are what you think about.  The words that you speak without even speaking them are the truth - but only because you make them true.  A few weeks ago we talked about the power of your word and the "spells" you cast.  Now you realize that this isn't just true in speaking to others, but it is true when speaking to yourself. 


If you say you are unhealthy... you will make it true.  If you say you will never make a good living...you will make it true.  If you say you are unlucky... you will make it true. 


But her is the beautiful thing about this... If what you speak is the truth, then you change your words at any point and your life will start to change!


The power of affirmations are the focus of this week.  What are affirmations?  How do they work?  What is key for them to having an effect in your life.  How do you practice them? 


Excited to dive in to this weeks lesson!   

Worksheets for the Week

These worksheets are great additions for your ProjectMe Binder.  They will help you with awareness around your nutrition food selection.

Discovering I AMs in our Vision

Try This Money Affirmation App

Audio for the Week




Activity Week

This week we will be creating an affirmation chest - full of powerful treasures that can literally change your life!!  We will be painting small jewelry boxes and filling them with affirmation cards.  Here is what you will need: 





SMALL WOODEN BOX (hobby lobby)

 Paints (use same from gratitude week)

Fun paper in small squares to write affirmations on


Inspiration for the Week













This is a guided affirmation for telling the new story of your ease. ‘I AM’ meditations and affirmations help you change the course of your reality by creating new momentum in the direction you wish your life to go. However, the real power in affirmations and intention is to FEEL it. If you are just repeating words or goals, not much in your vibrational energy system is going to change and your personal power is limited. Neuroscience suggests that if you can get yourself into a relaxed meditative state and then from that place really FEEL what it is like to be living the life you want with the feelings of ease, flow and grace, no matter how hard you think things are at the moment, then your brain doesn't know the difference between your experienced reality and the one you are thinking about. Once you have told the new story about how everything is getting easier and easier, you will find some relief from feelings of fear when we are challenging ourselves to make changes.

Homework for the Week

  • Post a pic of your box in the group!

  • Pull 10 affirmation cards each morning and read out loud.  

  • Take a pic of your cards and post them in the group!

  • Add more I AMs to your box as you come up with them 

Weekly Check In

Complete this form after the lesson is through.



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