You are one week into your powerful morning routine.  You may be challenged by this or you may have already discovered how alive this makes you feel. 


...But maybe things aren't changing how you would like for them to... YET!   Perhaps you still feel unease or tension.  How do you handle all of the lessons and self confrontations and all of the LIFE that hits you while we are on this journey?


Gratitude.  As simple as it may sound - gratitude is life changing and we are going to help you personally discover that truth.  


Watch The Live Lesson by Clicking Here (coming after Jan 23rd) 



Lesson of the Week

Say Thank YOU.  Say thank you every day.  Thank you eyes for opening.  Thank you alarm clock for waking me up to my life.  Thank you morning routine that is changing my life.  Thank you screaming baby or loud children for being boisterous and alive!  Thank you for the opportunity to make breakfast because we can afford to eat.  Thank you opportunity to go to work because I have means to earn income.  The list goes on and on.  

Because this is what it comes down to.  All of the opportunities in the world... all of the money or fame or relationship in the world - are not going to make you happy unless you CHOOSE happiness.  The fact is that it WILL NOT BE A PERFECT journey.  You will face difficult relationships, illness, death.... you will have people who try to drag you down... you will have temptations...


And what's even more - in order to grow you will:

Purposely and decidedly put yourself into situations that make you uncomfortable

Strongly and lovingly face confrontations

Take complete responsibility for YOUR life - no blaming or pointing fingers - YOU DID THIS 


So how can we go through ALL of these things and not just be happy.... but be exuberant?  Again - the answer is gratitude.  For gratitude scientifically results in happiness in the mind and body.


And when we can find gratitude in the NOW.  Gratitude in the good times and challenging times.  We will start to create a truly and deeply joyful being.  This is when you will start to identify all of the opportunities around you and how they are there for YOU to grab hold of.  You are worthy.  Your gift is meant to be shared...


Gratitude is life changing.  

Worksheets for the Week

This lesson is online or in person.  If you are participating online, please print out the following and add it to your notebook!  For our in person participants, these sheets will be provided to you.

7 Day Gratitude Challenge​

Audio for the Week




Online Supplies for Week

  • Journal!!  Everyone will need one.  Online purchase one you love.  In person, we recommend grabbing one that resonates with you but we will also have some available at our class!  Remember this will be something you use daily for the next month to year!  You can find them almost anywhere!  Ross always has great deals on unique ones.  Otherwise, here are a couple of our favorites! ​

Good Days Start with Gratitude Journal (give you ideas of what to write)

Leather Bound Blank Page Journal (no specific direction but beautiful)

  • ​Gratitude Pot Supplies!  For the next month we will be writing down something we are grateful for and putting it somewhere accessible.  In class will have a small clay pot to paint and 15 rocks.  We will decorate the pot and paint the rocks with pens (b/c paint chips)

Clay Pot​

Paint Pens

Rocks (or backyard maybe?)

Homework for the Week

  • Complete the 7 Day Gratitude Challenge from link above

  • Write something you are grateful for on to your rock and add to your jar.  Continue this for at least 15 days.  Then perhaps go to the other side of the rock and start again for another 15 days!

  • Share something you are grateful for on your facebook page and share the post to the group.  (explained in the lesson in further detail)

Inspiration for the Week 

I AM: GratefulArtist Name
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I AM: grateful
Do you understand that gratitude for the NOW does not in any way indicate that you should become complacant and stop trying to make your dreams come true?



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