I AM: Healthy

The way that you go after a fulfilled and happy life is a direct reflection of your confidence.  And your confidence is a direct reflection of how you feel and how you feel about yourself.  And how you feel and how you feel about yourself is a reflection of how you take care of yourself.  


This week we address a very important subject - YOUR HEALTH.  We want you to be able to confidently say:

I AM: healthy











Lesson of the Week

There are 3 arenas of your health we want to address: Your weight management: your energy management; and your proactive health care.


Your weight management should be based off what makes YOU feel confident, sexy and strong.  Your goal should be discovering a health that makes you walk into a room with your head held high and a smile on your face.  In order to help you achieve your health goals, you have to first decide and declare exactly what those are in an ideal world.  After that come the habit changes.  This weeks lesson will help you find some simple and applicable tools to alter your everyday lifestyle in order to get results.


Your energy management is incredibly important because that is what gives you the GET UP AND GO to make your dreams come true!  We want you to feel like you have all of the energy to take on the world! 


Finally we discuss proactive health care instead of REACTIVE health care.  How many people are going through life... in the ONE body they get... denying themselves the vitamins, nutrients and rest they need - or even worse - abusing their bodies.  We talk about how to take control of your health while you can - instead of waiting until we are sick and broken down.  And keep in mind ladies - the older we get - the more important and relevant this becomes. 

Worksheets for the Week

These worksheets are great additions for your ProjectMe Binder.  They will help you with awareness around your nutrition food selection.

Your Health Reflection

Healthy Food List and Shopping List

Download MyFitnessPal App

Check Out ProjectMe for a Full Transformation and Support


Audio for the Week




ACTIVITY WEEK!!  Supplies for Week This Weeks Creation

  • This week we will be learning about healthy eating and part of that is know what you are going to eat and when!  Meal prep is a HUGE help in this so we will be learning how to make Mason Jar Salads

  • For your at-home meal prep, you get to pick which one of these recipes look best to you.  The benefit of the Mason Jar Salad is that you will have a ton of good veggies all packaged up ready to enjoy!  You can add protein to your creation in the jars or after. 

  • Look at some of these recipes and buy the veggies and ingredients that look delicious for you!  You can pick up your mason jars at Walmart for a great price. 


 Pick your recipe here!!   

Homework for the Week

  • Each morning for the next 7 days - stand in front of the mirror for 60 minutes.  Tell the women before you that she is HEALTHY and STRONG.  Tell her that she LOVES to make good nutrition choices and that she CRAVES working out.  See the woman in health you want to be.  One minute each day. 

  • For the next week you are going to share one picture everyday of something you did that was healthy.  That could be a pic of a healthy food choice... you drinking your water... or a pic of your workout.  Acknowledge the your healthy WINS!! 

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I AM: healthy
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