I AM: Impeccable

What you think is what becomes - but what you say is who you are to the world.  You are either feeding the world light... or you are feeding it darkness.  It all comes down to how and why you say what you say.  This lesson is incredible important for your personal "show up" to the world... but it also creates who you are on the inside.

In order to better understand this weeks lesson and conversation, please read or listen to The Four Agreements - Agreement 1 - Be Impeccable with Your Word. 














Once you have watched this video or read and taken notes - you can go on to the Live Lesson














Password is: Living My Journey

Lesson of the Week

We started journaling our affirmations in Lesson 3.... but you may have noticed that you don't always feel like sunshine and rainbows.  In fact - sometimes you have a challenging day!  So now what? 

This week we will first discuss journaling and how to release emotions and move to gratitude.  

We will then dive into the First of our Four Agreements: Be Impeccable with Your Word. You have more familiarity with this statement once you have watched the first video on this page or once you have read the section in your Four Agreements book.  

Our lesson walks us through our current life and helps us identify what type of "magic" we are casting with our current word.  You may be surprised by what you discover.  


Worksheets for the Week

This week we will first discuss journaling in addition to affirmations. How do you journal?  What happens when you have other emotions of sadness

What Has Your Word Been?


Audio for the Week




Online Supplies for Week

  • Journal or Worksheet "What has your word been" -  We will doing a personal inventory of our current word. 

  • ​The Four Agreements Hard Copy - If you want to build your library buy the hardcopy and take notes as we chat!

Homework for the Week

Figuring Out What You Want in Your Life


     And do your best to fill out this 

300 Bucket List​

  • Collect items for your vision books we will be creating in lesson 5.  This could be magazine pictures and clippings, pictures you print up, stickers etc.  These items will be used when you create your vision book! 

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I AM: impeccable
If you speak poorly to a friend about someone... do you have the realization that they are likely to speak poorly about YOU to someone else?



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