Before we wrap up phase 1 of your I AM: Journey, we have to dive in to one more very important conversation.  This week we are going to learn the remaining 3 agreements and see how they show up in our lives currently.  Remember that we already covered the impeccability of our word in lesson 4.  It has been a lesson that has probably followed you over the last 6 weeks quite heavenly.  These final lessons are going to have a huge impact in your life and how you show up when LIFE... happens.  

I AM: My Best



Lesson of the Week

This week is going to be heavy, confronting and liberating - all at the same time!!  We started reviewing The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz

We will be discussing the Second Agreement - Don't Take Things Personally.  As we really dive In to what this means and how it shows up in our life, your eyes are going to be opened as to how you receive and process information.  Once we learn how this affects us, if we can RELEASE it, our lives will be changed.

We will then dive into the Third Agreement - Don't Make Assumptions.  The agreement will help us explore communication and how the lack of communication can be having a detrimental effect on our life.  It is astonishing the number of assumptions we make on a given day when we don't even realize the stories we are writing up in our head.  


Finally we will dive into the Fourth Agreement - Always Do Your Best.  If we can let go of taking things personally and making assumptions - then we can be OURSELVES and no on else.  The final agreement reminds us that all we can do is OUR best.  We are each unique and we each have unique skills and beings - and my best is different than your best and yours is different than mine - and that is PERFECT.


Worksheets for the Week

These worksheets are great additions for your ProjectMe Binder.  They will help you with awareness around your nutrition food selection.

Find the FULL Audio for the Four Agreements Here

I AM: Becoming My Best Worksheet

Journaling Week

This week we will be taking inventory and seeing how the Four Agreements are affecting our lives currently  and documenting it as we go.  Have your journals ready!  


Inspiration for the Week













In addition to watching this quick interview - we encourage you to listen to the FULL Four Agreements.  There are Youtube videos that are literally less than 15 minutes for each agreement! 

Here are a couple other powerful videos

Domestication- why we are the way we are 

Why we Judge

Homework for the Week

  • Keep a notepad with you and write when you find yourself taking things personally or making assumptions.  Just be aware

  • Share with the group 1x per day how you used any of the four agreements that day.  Use the languaging - Today I practiced Agreement #2.... 

  • Complete the above worksheet and add to your binder

  • Think about WHAT has affected you most in this phase.... where have you started to see positive transformation and growth in your life? 

Weekly Check In

Complete this form after the lesson is through.



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