I AM: Wealthy

The thing people just don't want to talk about... MONEY.   Most people are very uncomfortable with money discussions.  If we are financially stressing... we don't want to admit it.  If are finances aren't in order... we don't want to own it.  If we want for more...we don't want to share about it. 

Why is it that money talk is "taboo"... we are going to break the cycle and start diving into the subject.  Because in order for you to get to the other side of your dreams, it's a confrontation you have to have!  Welcome to Lessson 8:

I AM: Wealthy



Lesson of the Week

This week we will start off by first doing inventory of your relationship with money.  Where are you at financially?  Where is your family at financially.  How is this position affecting your dream life?  How is it affecting your goals?


We are then going to talk about the WHY of the situation.  Why are you where you are?  What are your limitations?  How are you creating your present situation?  We open the door to taking ownership. 


Finally we simply start to introduce the ideas of potential.  Of what COULD be if you start to change your thinking.  This is a powerful week.  Be ready to get vulnerable with yourself.   


Worksheets for the Week

These worksheets are great additions for your ProjectMe Binder.  They will help you with awareness around your nutrition food selection.

Your Relationship with Money - Reflection

Audio for the Week




Journaling Week

This week is a focused online lesson.  No activities, so just have your journal and I AM binder ready!!  Print up the worksheet above for more organization.



Inspiration for the Week













Homework for the Week

  • Reflect over the next week regarding your relationship with money and limitations

  • Make a list of 50 ways you could make extra money or save cash!  Even if it's just $1...Share this list on our facebook page. 

  • Share about your relationship with money in the group so we can all discuss and learn from one another. 

Weekly Check In

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