Round 5 #rightfittabs - the final countdown

Time to put it all together!  This program is one you can do over and over to watch your body continuously transform!

Congratulations on making a commitment to your health and your core!! This is month the FINAL round of our 5 month series - BUT DON'T WORRY - you can start anywhere or anytime!  If you didn't get to complete the previous months - you can go back in later in the year to complete... or go back now and save this page for down the road!   Welcome to your #RightFittAbs Challenge!  

This months focus is putting it all together!


It's time to get serious.


So far we have focused on consistency, toning, sprints, cardio, isometric work, lifting and the key to it all - nutrition!  This month you will combine all 7 pieces. Per the usual, there will be about 10-15 minutes of work per day. ANYONE CAN FIT IT IN!!  The nutrition is going to be key and you will have to hit your Protein Factor range and Calorie Range nearly everyday! Finally we will have daily check ins to RightFitt per the usual!


This challenge is 30 days long... if you don't join in April - simply count out 30 days for results and check ins.   The regular CHALLENGE STARTS APRIL 3rd AND LASTS 30 DAYS. You can invite people to join anytime - they can catch up on points and still win prizes along the way  (but let's face it - no matter what they will be winning a more solid core!!) 

Challenge Overview

Password is #RightFittAbs






Step 1:

Take a before picture of your core (preferably front, side and back) 

Step 2:

Save the the workout and pic to share on your phone: 


Step 3:

Get results!!!  It's all about POINTS this month!!

Each Day You Get 1 Pt For:

- Completing the Ab Set (Must be weighted 2x per week)... do 20-30 reps depending on how sore you are. 

- Doing 7 Sprints 

- Getting Appropriate Protein Factor (ask your coach)

- Getting Appropriate Calorie Range (ask your coach)

- Posting on Facebook as a Check In to RightFitt (tag your coach)


So TECHNICALLY you could get 5 pts or more per day if you did all of the above!  The expectation is that you will hit your protein, calories and check in and then do either Ab Set OR sprints.  This would earn you 4 per day which is the suggested MINIMUM per day.

But - Let's say you messed up your calories and still want to win - no problem.... you can do an extra ab set or sprints to make up for it!  This will make you more closely think about what you eat and the extra work you have to do if you DON'T eat according to your numbers.  So one day you might get 2 ab set points, 1 sprint point, 1 post point for a total of 4 (this would be if you messed up calories and protein factor)  


(Remember you could technically get 5pts per day starting the 3rd so you could get 140... but you only have to get 100 ) 


WATCH the Ab Set Instructions here.  Remember you get to pick between 20 and 30 reps!   PASSWORD IS #RightFittAbs - Must type in exactly

Step 4:

Check In!!! Go to your personal facebook page and click "check in" and select RightFitt.  (please like the page now and go ahead and give us a good rating!)  You can post any comment and use the #RightFittabs so that we can review all of the posts.)

We made the ab set picture perfect for tracking your points so you could save the image daily with your new point total in the blank spot like the following and share! 



Screen Shot 2020-03-21 at 9.45.56 AM.png

If you would like to post a different pic or something real hilarious - please do!!  Just check in and use the hashtag #RightFittAbs and tag your coach so we can find!  We pull weekly winners for those people posting regularly!!  If you do not want to check in on your public page to win, you can do so in the private group!


STEP 5: 

FINAL BONUS!!!!  Most of us know the benefits of adding Prolessa to a nailed program!!  If you do Prolessa you can earn ANOTHER POINT but ONLY if you hit your 4 pts that day!!! Because let's face it - Prolessa isn't going to burn tummy fat if you chase it with a donut!  So if you do Prolessa on any days you get 4 pts... you will earn get 5 points instead!!  If you eat Prolessa on a day you missed your calorie goal or something and got 3 pts, you don't get your bonus pts.  This could make a huge difference!

If you have questions - text Caley at 720-275-9588​


Make sure you are in the following free group for additional support



Also be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel to get updates on nutrition, fitness and mindset


RightFitt YouTube Channel

Step 7:​

WIN!??  If you earn 100 pts - you will get the next #RightFitt Challenge for FREE!  PLUS - if you successfully won rounds 1-5... you must contact Caley and you will earn a GRAND AB CHAMP prize!!!  Be sure to have a final before and after pic from the very beginning to the very end!!  This is a HUGE accomplishment!!


I did not join this challenge in order - now what?

No worries!!  ​We realize that our clients want abs when they want abs!!  So you can join at other times of the year and it doesn't have to be during "one specific month".  So first thing is to DECLARE your start date and end date in the RightFitt Community group.  This challenge is 30 days long.  100 pts in 30 days!  So you would declare in the group "I am starting Round 5 of #RightFittAbs and my start date is August 1st and I will be done by August 30th!!  I have taken pics and am ready to rock!!"

It's that simple!  Then just follow the rules above!  Keep in mind - there is no "winning" when you are off cycle so your prize is A ROCK HARD CORE!!  


If you have questions - text Caley at 720-275-9588​

Additional tools for success

Start up meeting

If you joined in April - please join our live meeting to answer questions and make sure you are ready for success!! 

Zoom Meeting Link Thursday March 30th @ 6pm MST



General Nutrition guidance


25 to 35g protein

Up to 300 calories

Suggestion to play with your Healthy Formula 1 in Waffles, Pancakes, Muffins, Cupcakes and Crepes.  

Recipes are in the RightFitt Community Facebook Group


25 to 35g protein

Up to 300 calories

Enjoy one of our many holiday flavor Formula 1 shakes like pumpkin spice, carrot cake, caramel drizzle frappuccino or praline 'n cream.

(if you are not doing shakes, follow macro guidelines above)


10-15g protein

100-200 calories

You should have 1-2 snacks per day.  You will notice if you follow those ratios of calories to protein - you will not be able to have a large carb serving  


Cottage cheese, greek yogurt, jerky, deli meet, tuna, veggies or protein bars.

protein snack.jpg

40 - 50g protein

400 - 600 calories

Your main meal each day does NOT have to be at night - you can mix and match these any way that makes sense for you.  (bfast lunch or dinner)

For one meal focus on including:

  • Protein

  • Raw Veggie

  • Cooked Veggie

  • 1 Serving Carb

Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 1.43.26 PM.png
Recipe Links

Need Meal Ideas?  Try one of these links to help you find some yummy recipes! 



Look for recipes that have a 10% protein ratio.  That means if a recipe is 500 calories than It should have close to 50g protein