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Coach Caley

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How Caley Delivers Results

Here today... gone tomorrow!  You never know how long you get to enjoy this world so how can you create a LIFESTYLE that you LOVE while also feeling FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC.  That's my specialty. 

Diet more of what you LOVE.  BUT learn to love the things that your body loves... not what your brain thinks it loves.

Working out should not be a chore.... if it is -  you are doing it WRONG.  You should workout b/c you find something you LOVE.  If you haven't found it yet - let's keep looking... together. 

My Personal Weightloss Journey

You know how sometimes years go by and you think your kinda nailing it and then all of a sudden you start to notice that



because everything is too tight... aka - you are packing on the pounds! 


That was me.  I stopped wearing shorts (bc yuck look at my legs) and started buying bigger clothes.  THEN I made a baby... and then another... and the results was a body I was NOT confident in! 


Like any amazing journey begins - I made a DECISION!  I started off working out and dove in by getting certified to personal train and teach classes - If I lead from the front I can't hide in the back!  But when I added in my nutrition platform it just got EASY!! 



I now have created a lifestyle that is easy fun and FULL OF LIFE!  I don't diet but I have created a love of foods that my body loves.  My favorite is and always be a slice of Hawaiian Pizza and a good Hefeweizen... but my balance is on point! 


I have my cake and eat it too!  And I teach others to do the same!!! 

Caley's Continued Results

My Amazing Client's Results

natalie tafuri
megan front
2013 12 Jordyn lose 15 lbs projectme
2014 3 felicia 50 lb loss
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