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Results That Last?

This is EXACTLY what we specialize in.  People come to us looking for a change.  They have tried everything and it doesn't work OR it doesn't LAST!  RightFitt offers multiple programs that support you to get to your ideal health, physique, energy and mindset.... 

Programs that actually work!

And the best part is... they are both affordable AND fun!

How can this all be true!??  We have been perfecting our transformation programs for 14 years and haved delivered 1000s of results stories.  We meet you where YOU are.  We don't diet....we don't stress...we don't promote guilt and worry around food and results. 


Instead we teach you SIMPLE TOOLS that MAKE GOOD CHOICES EASY and we provide you with a SUPPORT SYSTEM to stay MOTIVATED and SUCCEED.


Find out what programs will suit you best with your FREE 20 minute phone or text consultation!

Or check out our programs below and pick what is right for you!

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ProjectMe™ is a 6 week comprehensive program including individualized coaching, complete nutrition program, at home fitness programs, weekly lessons, live meetings and a photoshoot if you choose!! 

Most woman join ProjectMe and never want to stop after falling in love with the community and the support! 

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I AM: Journey

I AM: Journey is an extended program that gets your mindset right for not just surviving life, but for thriving through life.  While we have had people join and naturally lose 70+ lbs, this is NOT a "body health" program. 


This is a mindset program that will help you achieve ultimate happiness through guided lessons and coaching; all while meeting an incredible group of like-minded supporting women!

Men Transformations

Our Men transformations come in all shapes and sizes!  We have helped guys with results of all sorts!  From losing 175lbs... to dropping a guick 30lbs... to adding 20lbs of making GAINS!   

What are your goals?  We have the tools to help you get results!  


Project MomMe

Pregnant?  PERFECT!

Thinking of having babies?  PERFECT!  

New Momma?  PERFECT! 

We know exactly how to guide you through your healthy pre-pregnancy journey.... your pregnancy journey...and your post partum journey!!  

ProjectMomMe has helped so many moms of all levels find their perfect balance!

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