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80% Nutrition

Results are 

20% Fitness

One small commitment can lead to a lifetime of success!

Wondering if this sounds TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!??  Can a short challenge like this really kickstart me for a future of success?  CHECK OUT SOME OF OUR SUCCESS STORIES! 

Your healthy transformation will be driven by learning to HAPPILY make healthy nutrition choices. 

RightFitt's Healthy Nutrition Challenges provide you with comprehensive programs and coaching for a small focused time period to help you KICKSTART YOUR TRANSFORMATION... BUST THROUGH A PLATEAU.... or simply just to INCREASE ACCOUNTABILITY AND MOTIVATION


The best part about our Nutrition Challenges is that they are SHORT, SWEET & FUN!

21 Day Challenges 

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Looking for a kickstart?  Need to shock your body?  Or simply want to clean out the system?  The 21 day REBOOT is a perfect way to get the job done!  We do these 4 times a year as a team, but you can complete the REBOOT on your own at any time! It is recommended Quarterly!  


The program includes supportive cleansing supplements (3 optional packages) and nutrition support along with accountability to stay on track!  

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Starts the 1st of every month!  Join this 21 day challenge to increase your accountability and have a shot at WINNING the prize pot!!  A coach will be available to support your macros and nutrition.  You will weigh in on the 1st and out on the 21st.  $10 to join and ALL money goes into the pirze pot.  Best transformation WINS the cash!  (this is not just for weight loss but also for muscle gain!  . 

Join on its own or alongside other programs for maximum accountability and results!


Looking for a little push?  The Jet Drink Flush is a simple way to push things through your body while hydrating!!  

This is a daily delicious beverage that tastes like a fruity concoction and includes fiber, aloe, probiotics, collagen, protein and nutrients. 


We drink our Jet Drink throughout the day out of a 1/2 gallon to gallon size bottle.  You will notice you have decreased hunger and lose weight

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30 Day Fat Burner

Many people want to address the "tire around their midsection".  THIS is the program for you!  

When you join you will get 12 simple tools for losing fat around the waist.  Your tracker will help you choose which tools fit into your lifestyle and keep you moving forward.  We encourage you to give yourself 30 days to see the changes!

In addition you will LOVE the Fat Reducer you can add to your routine for simple PROVEN results!!  

Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 9.37.28 AM.png

Simple.  Fun. Rewarding!

The 21 Day Shake challenges helps you create a habit of getting in the right nutrients every morning for 21 days.  Start your morning off with good macros & micros and you will be surprised how the rest of your day is affected!  We provide the meal shakes (which can also be muffins, donuts, pancakes and more!)  Finally, this program will detoxify your body, while enjoying the delicious shakes!! 

21 Day Challenges

RightFitt has helped 1000s of people find the direction they need to lose weight and keep it off!  We have also coached mindset transformations which makes your life transformation and physical transformation seem SIMPLE!!  

The key to success is getting results with a smile.. and THAT is what we do!

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