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Coach Dawn

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How Dawn Delivers Results

DIET.... that’s a 4 letter word that I do NOT like!! 

Let’s learn to FUEL your body, feel AMAZING and get RESULTS! 

My Personal Weightloss Journey

You just don’t know how bad you feel til you start feel good!! 

After a couple babies I just thought this is where my body is! A few sizes larger, a few pounds heavier, tired ALL the time, waiting and anticipating nap time. This is what it was, where I was supposed to be! Boy... was I WRONG!!  

I joined a challenge, changed my eating habit and BOOM!!! The energy was AMAZING!! Not to mention I dropped a few pant sizes, some weight and fat! 

I now enjoy a lifestyle of fueling my body with things that make me feel good! I’ve learned the foods that bog me down and I CHOOSE not to indulge in those particular items. 

This is a lifestyle not a diet!

Dawn's Continued Results

My Amazing Client's Results

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