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21 Day detox

21 Day Commitment Getting You On Track!

21 Days of self control... YOU GOT THIS!!!   Take it one day at a time, but know that by the end of this challenge, you will be making better choices and things will just be EASIER!!  Instead of grabbing the quick and easy drive through... you will realize how easy it is to grab the quick and easy protein chicken wrap.  (and let's not even mention the money you will be saving!


So let's get started!!  You will follow this guideline for the next 21 days as close as possible!!  Our clients have lost an average of 5.8lbs but many have lost 8-12 lbs. 

When you are focused... amazing things can happen!! 

Step 1 - Pick Your Supporting Nutrition

We have 3 recommended packages that will help you achieve your goals.  These are not required but they are VERY helpful!  Please review these packages and purchase your desired nutrition from your Coach (If you do not have a coach, simply message Caley and she will get you right to your person! 720-275-9588 or but text is quickest.) 

Package 1: 

21 Day Balancing Program.  

This balancing program is going to help strip away the extra from your colon and remove the accumulated waste.  This will help your system to better absorb your nutrition and operate more efficiently.  We recommend doing this cleanse every quarter at least as well as following any antibiotics.  It is a simple product - you take two tablets each morning and two each evening.  This along with your healthy nutrition will be a winning combination.  Purchase the 21 Day Balancing Program. (appx $46 w/o discount)

Package 2:

21 Day Balancing Program Plus 2 Healthy Meal Shakes Per Day

Nearly all of our clients choose to do 2 of our healthy meal shakes every day.  The shakes are high quality and taste incredible - this makes eating FUN instead of a chore.  They can be prepared with 80+ different fun recipes like Butterfinger, Key Lime Pie, French Vanilla Frappuccino, Orange Julius, Cinnabon and more!  In addition you can prepare them as waffles, pancakes, muffins, cupcakes and more...  Purchase the 21 Day Balancing Program and 2 canisters of Formula 1 shake and potentially Protein Drink Mix (if you do not drink milk) (appx $136 w/o discount)

Package 3:

21 Day Balancing Program Plus 2 Healthy Meal Shakes Per Day Plus Fat Burner (Prolessa)

The 30 day Prolessa is a fat burning tool you will love!!  It helps trim the waist, hips and thighs.  This product is taken 1 times a day and comes in a powder form.  You can add 1 scoop to your shake or mix with water.  Key instructions for the fat burner - DO NOT take with hot liquids, do not take with acidic items like juice and do not blend for more than 5 seconds.  You may feel very full after the scoop so take it when you usually have cravings. (most are early afternoon or evening).    Purchase the 30 day Prolessa, 21 Day Balancing Program and 2 canisters of Formula 1 shake and potentially Protein Drink Mix (if you do not drink milk) (appx $265 w/o discount)

**Breastfeeding Moms**

 2 Healthy Meal Shakes Per Day 

Mommas!!  Remember that YOUR most important job is to make that baby milk milk milk!  But that doesn't mean you can't play along with our friends!  You follow the structure and accountability but you cannot do the cleanse or the prolessa.  Do not restrict carbs like the others and your macros from your coach must account for the extra calories to make breastmilk.  PLEASE be patient and have grace with yourself!  Your body is a wonder and has created a miracle.  You are AMAZING!!!


Step 2 - Weigh in & weigh out

This step is for those of you going for WEIGHT LOSS!  If you are just in it to clean out the good ol pipes... skip to step 3! 

Simply take your weight and capture via video or picture.    ALSO - make sure you weigh in the same clothes and same time for the beginning and end.  You can fib your weight by 4+ lbs and that isn't doing anyone any good! 

Send your weight to your coach and post in the group if you are willing.

You do not need to weigh in weekly but we do recommend it bc it will help you stay on track.

Finally - weigh out 21 days later!!

Weight out in the same outfit and similar time of day.  Share your total results with your coach and share in the group if you are willing!  If you achieve the 10lb loss - message your coach for your prize!

Step 3 - Accountability



After you purchase your product, it's time to get started!  Start following these suggestions and start products as soon as they arrive.  The key to success of this gravity is incredible FOCUS and accountability is what will help you succeed. 


We have 2 check in options.  One is more intense and will likely get better results.  The other is simple and will fit some of your needs better!


High Accountability:

We have been using this structure with our coaches and it works amazing!!  It is a lot of sharing and it is VERY effective!  We will use an app called Telegram because it is simple and everyone can use it (even those who are starting to get rid of or limit social media)  Here is how it works:

Join this telegram group 

  • Document your day through quick pictures.  Share what you eat and drink.  Share when you workout.  

  • We highly recommend sharing the calories and protein in each of your meals if you know it. This will be in order to help you understand the importance and value of the 10% protein ratio.

  • DO NOT JUST SHARE THE GOOD!  If you only share when you are nailing your nutrition, you can hide when you grab that burger and beer.  The point of this accountability and sharing everything is going to make you think twice about some of your choices. 



Low Accountability:

If you do not wish to post all day every day... No problem - this is meant to fit YOUR NEEDS.  We encourage you to check in at least once a day in the private RightFitt Community group or your coaches fb page.  Share a pic of the shake you had and a pic of your main meal!  


Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 6.15.42 PM.png

step 4 - fitness guidance

Obviously we recommend working out 3 - 6 hours a week if you are wanting and willing!!  But NUTRITION is going to be the primary way you get your results. 

For weight loss, focus on cardio or HIIT training to lose weight.  Find thing you enjoy so you will keep going!!  You can access many FULL ONE HOUR WORKOUTS to follow on the




step 5 - nutrition guidance


If you have worked with us before, you know what works - now you just have to stick with it!!


For this level of challenge - we have more tools for you!  We have developed a very specific 1 week plan of nutrition you can follow (repeating each week) so you have no questions as to what  to eat day after day.  THIS PLAN WORKS... but you do not have to follow it.  It is a tool you have to use.  It shows you how we get in a LOT of food with high nutrients and limited calories.  


If you have dietary restrictions, please adapt your plan.  We have so many special dietary needs we cannot develop an exact plan for all - you know your body and restrictions best - just try to stick with the CALORIES AND PROTEIN ADVISED. 


Weekly Meal plan!

Password is fitt

In addition we have general nutrition guidance if you want more leniency! 

GENERAL Nutrition guidance

  • Follow your macro guidelines from your RightFitt Coach 

  • Avoid eating out or drinking o

  • Drink 1 gallon of water per day

  • Limit carb intake outside of fruits and veggies to ONE serving per day.  This means if you have oatmeal for bfast.... no bread on a sandwich at lunch.  And if you have bread for a sandwich at lunch, only 1 piece b/c that is a serving and no chips and no pasta at dinner... get it!?  And drinks with calories are CARBS - juice, alcohol, beer.... and of course soda! 


25 to 35g protein

Up to 300 calories

Suggestion to play with your Healthy Formula 1 in Waffles, Pancakes, Muffins, Cupcakes and Crepes.  

Recipes are in the RightFitt Community Facebook Group

Screen Shot 2020-08-23 at 11.51.20

25 to 35g protein

Up to 300 calories

Enjoy one of our many holiday flavor Formula 1 shakes like pumpkin spice, carrot cake, caramel drizzle frappuccino or praline 'n cream.

(if you are not doing shakes, follow macro guidelines above)

Screen Shot 2020-08-24 at 4.46.03 PM.png

10-15g protein

100-200 calories

You should have 1-2 snacks per day.  You will notice if you follow those ratios of calories to protein - you will not be able to have a large carb serving  


Cottage cheese, greek yogurt, jerky, deli meet, tuna, veggies or protein bars.

protein snack.jpg

40 - 50g protein

400 - 600 calories

Your main meal each day does NOT have to be at night - you can mix and match these any way that makes sense for you.  (bfast lunch or dinner)

For one meal focus on including:

  • Protein

  • Raw Veggie

  • Cooked Veggie

  • 1 Serving Carb

Recipe Links

Need Meal Ideas?  Try one of these links to help you find some yummy recipes! 



Look for recipes that have a 10% protein ratio.  That means if a recipe is 500 calories than It should have close to 50g protein

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