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Holiday Hold Em Tournament 2020

Let's avoid the Holiday Weight Gain Together!! This is a challenge to simply hold you accountable for your health through the holidays! $30 Buy In and if you don't gain anything... you get your $$$ back or a $50 prize! But if you gain, your money goes into the prize pot!

Holiday Hold Em Tournament 2020
Holiday Hold Em Tournament 2020

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD

About the Event

Isn't it unvelievable that people gain about 10lbs over the holiday season!!??  Who wants to kick off the new year with 10 extra pounds around the waist?  Not YOU! 

So how does it work?  


By paying your $30 fee.  Send your STARTING WEIGHT by Wednesday the 25th to your coach or post in the RightFitt Private Group.  If you don't have a coach, text 720-275-9588 and we will make sure you are connected with the right person!

HOLD YOUR WEIGHT Watch what you eat over the holidays. Support one another through a private facebook page. Ask your coach questions to keep you on track. We have some tips and tricks for you to stay on track!

WIN THE HOLD EM Do another weigh in with your coach January 1st – January 7th.

If you do not gain any weight, you get your money back OR a FREE Healthy Meal Shake ($49 value)!!! If you gain weight you lose your $30 and it goes into a Biggest Loser prize pot. 

Who ever loses the most % body weight throughout the holidays wins a prize from the BIGGEST LOSERS prize pot! (prize amount will vary depending on how many people lose their $$$) 


The more the merrier with a RightFitt Challenge!!  Invite your family and friends to join!!  We have INCREDIBLE success ratios helping people stya healthy through the holidays!

ps... there is more!!


Want a little MORE motivation!! Throw in another $10 to up the ante and commit to doing our ab sequence EVERY day between Thanksgiving and New years! In order to succeed, you have to complete the workout and check in!  . If you miss a day - you don't win the prize but you DO win a rockin core.  This is the first of 5 Abs Challenges that have delivered amazing results from home for 5 years now. Go to the Challenges page to enter.


  • Holiday Hold Em Entry Fee

    You must weigh in with valid picture by the morning of Thanksgiving and weight out Jan 2-7th in order to WIN! If you fail to weigh in/weigh out OR if you GAIN WEIGHT, you lose your $$ to the prize pot.




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