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Holiday Prep Detox - Lose 10lbs Before the Holidays

Give it your all to lose 10lbs before the holidays!! Options to cleanse, detox or simply follow strict nutrition plan. If you succeed - YOU WIN!!

Holiday Prep Detox - Lose 10lbs Before the Holidays
Holiday Prep Detox - Lose 10lbs Before the Holidays

Time & Location

Time is TBD


About the Event

Ready to lose weight before the holidays!  How about an intense 21 days of focus with the goal of a 10lbs loss!!  Last year our client lost anywhere from 4-13lbs with an average of over 7lbs!  Why not start the holidays feeling a little more fit!  

Here is how it works:

1.) Register Here for the Best Option for You

Regular Registration (weight loss) 

This is the standard registration with the goal of weight loss!!  The entry fee is $10 and if you succeed in the 10lb loss you will not only be 10 lbs lighter but you will receive a $50 gift!!  (Make sure you get your coach's coupon code for your $5 discount)

Pregnant/Breastfeeding/Weight Gain

If you are in these categories, you will not be going for a 10lb loss.  There is no cost for this entry and no prize.  BUT you will feel better after 21 days!!    

2.) Pick the Right Nutrition Plan for YOU!   

Open the email you recieve upon registration.  You will have general nutrition guidance, macro coaching from your coach, daily accountability in our private group AND - We will give you an option of 3 nutrition packages that will help you achieve the results.  Get maximum results from package 3. 


One of the things that creates maximum results is maximum accountability.  We will be forming a special and unique group where you can share all of the food you eat via pics daily!  (the more you share the better you do)  We will also share workouts and beverages.  This level of accountability is suprisingly successful.  If you do not wish to participate in this, you can share normally in our private RightFitt group.  

4.) Weigh In To Win 

If you are in the weight loss category, you MUST take a picture of your weight between the 1st and the 5th and must weigh out by November 25th.  If you lose 10lbs - YOU WIN!!  

That's it my friends!  I can't wait to see how many people we have succeed!  No matter what, we will each be a little more knowledgeable about our health!!


  • Enter to WIN!!

    When paying the $10 entry fee you will be eligible to win the prize if you succeed in your 10 lb loss!! PLUS you get your #RightFittChallenge for FREE!!!

  • I am breastfeeding or preggo

    Ok hot mommas - I love you and I WANT you to win but losing weight that quickly for a breastfeeding momma just isn't that good of an idea. MILK is #1... your hot body isn't. BUT you can still participate in the tools and accountability with our friends. Follow the tools and you will still get the RightFittChallenge free. You will not be able to take the 21 day program OR fat burner while feeding your nugget so you can only do part of the suggested program.




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