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ProjectMe Transformain

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Taking your results to the next level

Owner and Operator of RightFitt, Caley Carroll, co-created a unique 6 week comprehensive transformational program called ProjectMe in 2014 to help her clients get elevated results!

Watch this video as Caley passionately talks about our process!  

Why. Not. You!?  

What if this is finally the thing that makes a difference for you??  What if it's YOU that loses 24 lbs... or 50 lbs... or 64 lbs... or 82 lbs... or 102 lbs or 118lbs!!!!  THAT IS WHAT OUR MES ARE ACHIEVING!!

ProjectMe provides you with everything you need for success:

  • Comprehensive Nutrition Coaching

  • At Home Workout Programs Developed by our Personal Trainer

  • Weekly Live Meetings and Coaching

  • 24/7 Support in our Private Community

  • Online Education Covering Physical Health, Mental Health and More

  • Accountability Weekly Driving Results

  • Personal Coaching and Guidance to Breakthrough Barriers or Plateaus 

  • Opportunity for a Celebration Photoshoot

Click Pre Register to see the appx packages and prices.  Remember that these packages will cover much of your food expense as you begin so you get to reallocate funds.  We will help you pick the package that is right for YOUR needs!!

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