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pre natal and post natal mommies deserve to feel incredible!!

Being a mom is the best job in the world... but it is also something you can get lost in.  Literally from the moment you get pregnant, it is all about someone else;  doing everything you can to care for another life.  This is a beautiful thing... but what about YOU?


YOU are still in there!  YOU are still valuable.  YOU are worth it to take a little time and care for YOU and become the BEST YOU YOU CAN!!     


Because here is the reality:  If you are not the best you you can be, then you're not showing up for your family as best as you can.  You should feel confident, energetic, patient, loving, excited... and even SEXY!!  MOMMA YOU DESERVE IT!

ProjectMomMe is a program designed to support you on your journey throughout pregnancy and after pregnancy.  Both pre-partum and post-partum - we have tools that help you with an incredible experience.  

Watch this video as Caley passionately talks about our process!  

Why. Not. You!?  

NEWS FLASH - being a mom does not give you the excuse to be unhealthy, with no energy and no confidence.  We are here to show you how to have it all in mommyhood!!   Maybe you are pregnant seeking support and suggestions for a positive experience.  Maybe you gained 90 lbs and just had your wee one and you are ready to feel GOOD again... whatever the situation, ProjectMomMe is here to help!  

ProjectMomMe provides you with everything you need for success:

  • Comprehensive Nutrition Coaching 

    • Pre-Natal​

    • Post-Natal (Breast feeding to support production)

    • Post-Natal (Formula feeding supporting your vitamin replenishment)

  • ProjectMomMe At Home Workout Programs Developed by our Personal Trainer

  • Weekly Live Meetings and Coaching including monthly Pre and Post Natal Calls

  • 24/7 Support in our Private Community

  • Online Education Covering Physical Health, Mental Health and More

  • Weekly Accountability Driving Results

  • Personal Coaching and Guidance to Breakthrough Barriers or Plateaus 

  • Opportunity for a Celebration Photoshoot

Click Pre Register to see the approximate packages and prices.  Remember that these packages will cover much of your food expense as you begin so you get to reallocate funds.  We will help you pick the package that is right for YOUR needs!!

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