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Coach Robin

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Robin's Specialtys

Transform Your Life

In 2008 I lost over 100 pounds: going from size 24 to size 8.  I have kept that weight off for ten years now.  Over the course of that ten years, I have shared my story and helped many others in their journey to transforming their lives.

What is your ideal lifestyle

Healthy and Fit

Energetic and Strong

Full of Confidence

Let’s get started together on a journey to a NEW YOU. 

How it works

Eat what your body wants and needs for energy – no dieting

Choose fitness and exercise that you love – no chores

Unleash your energy


New to weight loss and fitness? 

That is my specialty!

My Personal Weightloss Journey

Most of my life, I struggled with insecurity and feelings of unworthiness...

too tall, too weak, too lanky, too weird, too strong-willed…. These feelings influenced decisions throughout my life: always struggling to fit in, to be good enough, to be liked.  This left me feeling tired, defeated, incapable, unworthy.  Because I felt unworthy, I had put everyone and everything else before myself. I did not feel like I could or should make taking care of myself a priority.

In September of 2007, I made a decision to change jobs and eliminate some of the major stress at work. I began to travel, which gave me much needed down time, and I quickly became a fan of “The Biggest Loser.” I was surprised to find myself weighing in as big as the female contestants on the show.  How did I get there?  Having been active and athletic for most of my life,

I was not happy having grown to a portly 270+ lbs.      


On January 1, 2008, I made a decision to change my life. I knew (strong willed person that I am) that if the contestants on the show could do it, so could I. And, not only could I do it, but I could do it on my own: naturally, no -pills, no-frills, no-surgery or gimmicks.

What I didn’t realize would come along with this weight loss is a new feeling of self-confidence and self-worth.  I had set goals and met them, I maintained discipline to keep moving forward: overcoming challenges and set-backs without losing focus.


  I realized that, in order to truly be the person others need me to be, I had to be my best self


That meant prioritizing ME.

This is a life long journey.  A practice.  An adventure.

Robin's Continued Results

My Amazing Client's Results

natalie tafuri
megan front
2013 12 Jordyn lose 15 lbs projectme
2014 3 felicia 50 lb loss
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