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62 lb Weight Loss... But Who's Counting!?

Sharel C.

Windsor, CO

Goal: Keep Up w/ My Kids and Be Around for a LONG Time

Time w/ RightFitt: 1 Year Achievement: Lost 64 lbs

Sharel's Story - Straight from the source!!

I was an active kid, growing up on a farm/ranch and playing sports. My Mom is an amazing cook, and she prepared hearty meals for a hardworking husband and four growing kids. I was always slim, because we worked off those luscious meals and baked goods.

In my 20s, I didn’t cook much, and loved rollerblading and taking various fitness classes with my friends after work. I was able to keep my body at a pretty steady place, though I wouldn’t say I was necessarily healthy.

Once I met my husband, I started cooking meals, eating out more often, and keeping up with his appetite. I know now that was too much for me. He had a labor-intensive job, and I sat at a desk all day.

I hadn’t been comfortable with my body and my health for a long time. After having my two kids, I really couldn't seem to lose the weight I'd put on. During the summer of 2013, I decided I was going to do it and I worked out religiously, usually 5–7 days a week. I thought I could keep eating the same types of food, and just reduce my portion sizes. It worked for the short term. I lost 10–15 pounds and was feeling better than I had previously. But when Fall rolled around and I got busy with schedules, I didn't have as much time to get the workouts in and the 10–15 pounds came back.

I wanted to keep up with my kids and their activities, and I wanted to be around for them for a LONG time to come. Approaching my 40th birthday, I knew I wanted to make a big change.

Fast forward to April 2014. A friend of mine was posting about feeling fantastic, losing weight, and getting healthy. She was using RightFitt and Herbalife and seeing amazing results. A new challenge was just beginning, and I jumped in with both feet. My shoot-for-the-sky goal was to lose 40 pounds before my 40th birthday in November.

So, results. I started in April 2014. After four months, I’d already reached my goal…I’d lost 42 pounds! I had to set new goals, and I kept going. After one year, April 2015, I had lost 65.0 pounds. I reached a weight that was completely healthy and comfortable for me.

I look better, but I can't stress how much better I FEEL. I am able to run, which I have not even attempted in years. I started going to barre classes and my body can do things I never even thought about before. I'm stronger and leaner and I can go out and play and do anything my kids want to do.

These stats outlining my one- year stats speak for themselves:

I lost 65.0 pounds.

My BMI decreased by 8.2.

My body fat was reduced by 23.0%.

My skeletal muscle increased by 10.4%.

My body age decreased by 28 years (from 46 to 18).

My visceral fat reduced from 7 to 3.

In total, I lost 62.25 inches!

I’m now over 600 days into this new lifestyle. I’m continuing to make the daily choices to keep up this healthy body. It’s not always easy. I am a homeschooling mom of two busy kids. We’re constantly running to Taekwondo, 4-H, the library, and many other activities. But I make the time to make sure that I don’t slide back into that unhealthy body that I wasn’t proud to wear.

Check out Some of Sharel's Before and After Lifestyle Pics!


Mom with kids


Mom hiking with kids

Mom after weightloss

Your health is a reflection of what you have learned in the past and what you DECIDE to learn and practice in the present. Habits can be changed and if you have the right KNOWLEDGE - your results could be phenomenal. RightFitt provides this support you need!

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