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Are You Hiding Behind Layers?


Thornton, CO

Goal: Feel confident.

Time w/ RightFitt: Multiple Challenges & Lifetime Commitment! Achievement: Lost over 50lbs; COMPLETE Transformation inside and out!

Have you found yourself purposely hiding behind layers of you? Avoiding that weight loss, because "what if people start to notice you?" You are not alone.

Felicia's story is an inspiration to all... She came into RightFitt at a difficult time in her life. Although she had an athletic physique growing up, she found herself slipping into bad habits in her late 20s... and bad habits breed bad habits. Less physical activities, more comfort food, less social settings... less confidence.

In fact, sometimes life presents such challenges that you make the decision purposely NOT to lose the weigh... because hiding is easier. That was the case with our client, and now dear friend, Felicia.

"It's crazy to think about how my life was back then. I was conditioned to hide myself and I was so good at it, that there are barley any photos of me at my heaviest. If there was a photo I was the person in the back or sitting down at a table. Still to this day I find myself doing the same thing when it comes time to take a pic.

When Felicia came into her initial workouts and challenges, she just wanted to feel better. She wanted to find a place where she felt comfortable; at home. And she found all of that and more! She joined multiple challenges including RightFitt Weight Loss Challenges, ProjectMe and Sysbro Challenges. Her results kept coming because she was finding a new comfortable and welcoming setting with our team!

One result bred a new goal. She would hit that goal, and set the next. This is a common thing we see with our clients, because we teach a lifestyle, not a short term diet.

After she lost all of her weight, her confidence slowly started to build back up, but she wanted to challenge herself even more!! Felicia knew there were a couple things that completely took her out of her comfort zone... so she signed up!! She signed up to compete in her first bikini competition!!! Just this year she successfully graced the stage at the 2015 NPC Warrior Bikini Competition. Then just weeks after, Felicia completed her 1st Tough Mudder with Xtreme Fitt Coach and Me Coach, Cory Rigatello!!

"I have come along way physically losing over 50lbs and almost 10 dress sizes. But I am still working on the mental changes. I know when I step on that stage for my bikini competition I will be walking off a different person and I look forward to that everyday, its what keeps me motivated!"

Coach Caley states, "To say that I am proud of her transformation would be an understatement. Her commitment to push her limits and step into a complete new realm of confidence amazes me daily. My favorite part of Felicia's transformation was perhaps a more basic moment, but a beautiful one. Although she has a rather intense fear of crowds and speaking in public, Felicia stood in front of our entire RightFitt Fam and shared her story! Hands quivering, voice timid... she DID IT!! It was one of those moments where happy tears just fall from your eyes!"

Congratulations Felicia on all of your success ~ you are transforming inside and out. RightFitt is excited to announce that not only is Felicia coaching, but she is stepping into a space of coaching to help others who have gone through similar struggles! Looking forward to watching your continued success!!

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