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RightFittAbs August 2018

🎶 🎼 Runnin’ Just As Fast As You Can, Can, Can 🎵


Cut fat around the core while consistently building all abdominal muscles

Overview and Expected Results Each day you will complete three things! Sprints, Ab Song and Motivation! This should take you between 5 and 10 minutes and can be done from anywhere. Before beginning, take a picture of your core front, side and back. We have an optional support group on Facebook for motivation, accountability and questions! REQUEST TO JOIN BELOW!! Expect to see results if you have a healthy diet. This should include a variety of protein, veggies and some fruits, healthy fats and some complex carbs - avoiding sugary liquid calories. IF you do not do you eat as such, you will build muscle but likely not see a visual change. If you need support with your nutrition, we have guidance to support your results. Please text 720-275-9588 or comment in the FB group for a simple effective plan. Details 1.) Three Sprints

  • A sprint will be 10-30 seconds of running at your absolute maximum pace while minding your safety. This is not a fast jog; it’s getting your heart rate up to where your body literally has to stop. Act like you’re sprinting away from danger.

  • Take a 30 second to 1 minute break to recover and complete all three sprints.

  • This is one of the best ways to cut your ab muscles and burn fat! During a sprint you work your lower abdomen, your obliques and your transverse abdomen.

  • YOU KNOW YOUR BODY BEST! if you are unable to sprint, do 25 burpees or 25 lay down stand ups.

2.) Song of Abs - aka Pick out any song and do abs for THAT FULL SONG

  • Following your sprints immediately go into your ab set!

  • Each day you will be able to pick one exercise. The list is below. Check off the exercise when you complete it. Move to a new exercise the next day until you complete the entire list

  • JAM OUT!! You will perform that same exercise for the entire duration of ONE SONG of YOUR CHOICE!! You will likely get to failure by the end of the song which is great!!!

  • If you don’t know how to do one of the exercises, go to and find instructions by searching the “Art of” videos!!

3.) Inspire your Community

  • Post on your social media (IG, FB, SC) to inspire those around you. This is • encouraged • fun • inspirational • and can earn you prizes!!

  • Format for posting is this:

  1. Share the song you chose that day...say it or post a pic of it or share the YouTube video of it for optimal fun!

  2. Post words: 1/31 days complete of my #RightFittAbs Challenge ✅

  3. * Obviously track the number you are on for accountability - aka 7/31 days complete of my... will be posted on day 7

  4. * Add anything else you want to say!

  5. * Check in to RightFitt on FB or IG

  6. * I will randomly award prizes and will do so by searching the hashtag and check ins!

Wiggle Room OK – I know we’re not perfect! In order to successfully complete this challenge you will need to come to 31 out of 31 work outs! BUT You can play catch-up! That means you can do more than one exercise per day if you want! Maybe in Saturday’s you do 3 rounds!!! Excellent! Maybe you are sick one day and cannot complete your set… Catch up another day! Regardless – whatever additional effort you give your body, the better! In fact - if you can only do one sprint - DO ONE!! Go to YOUR THRESHOLD!! Just remember – expect to see results if you complete all 31 workouts in addition to a to a clean diet! Tools Here is the link to the private support group: PLEASE REQUEST TO JOIN!!!! Here is a link to explanation videos (more to come so start with what you know): Here is your exercise checklist. Go in any order: - [ ] Sit Ups - [ ] Crunches - [ ] In and Outs or V Ups - [ ] Leg Drops - [ ] Single Leg Drops - [ ] Side to side crunches - [ ] Bicycles - [ ] Reverse crunches - [ ] Butterfly Crunches - [ ] Leg Crosses - [ ] Mason Twists - [ ] 46 degree crunches - [ ] Seated leg lifts - [ ] Oblique drops - [ ] Butterfly crunches - [ ] Wobbles - [ ] Side to side hip raises - [ ] Side to side sit backs - [ ] Toes to heaven - [ ] Fishy kicks - [ ] Star Fish Crunch - [ ] Straddle V Up - [ ] Side to Side Burpees - [ ] Oblique in and out - [ ] Boat pose - [ ] Single leg v up - [ ] Sit Hollow Tuck - [ ] Plank diagonal tuck - [ ] Side plank drops - [ ] Arch lifts - [ ] Plank (adjust position with time) Welcome!!!! TEXT ANY QUESTIONS TO 720-275-9588 😘 Caley Carroll

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