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#RightFittAbs Challenge 4 - Building Depth


In Round 4 we will focus on building our ab muscles up so they are more visible!! Building DEPTH means adding muscle so you can see the cut and pop in those abs!

Now that being said - keep in mind, you have to strip away all of that topical fat to really see those abs! If you feel like your top layer is gone, this month is really going to make you even more motivated! And if you still have some lbs to shed, be sure to NAIL your nutrition!! (Your Fitt Coach will guide you through!!) Here is an overview of this months challenge. If you register by February 28th, you will receive full details via email! If you want to register after this date, complete this registration and then TEXT 720-275-9588 to receive the full details!


There will be 10 minutes of work every single day (with the exception of 1 day off per week)

- We will provide 4 basic workouts which will be varied throughout the week. The amount of weight added to the workout will vary as well.

- The only equipment needed will be light weights, medium weights and possibly an exercise ball if you like.

- Check in daily on your personal page and check in to RightFitt.

- Cost is $10 via the link below.

- Win prizes if you complete the challenge and tag RightFitt daily!

Pay $10 Entry Fee Here

Complete this form to receive your instructions on March 1st. If you register after March 1st, text 720-275-9588 for instructions asap to get going!

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