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#RightFittAbs 5 - The FINAL Countdown!

You guys are almost there!! Some of you have been rocking abs every month with us for 4 months already! And some of you may be brand new! Regardless - this month is going to bring together all of the components to work on creating a defined core!!

So far we have focused on consistency, toning, sprints, cardio, isometric work, lifting and the key to it all - nutrition! This month you will combine all 7 pieces. Per the usual, there will be about 10-15 minutes of work per day. ANYONE CAN FIT IT IN!!

The nutrition is going to be key and you will have to hit your Protein Factor range and Calorie Range everyday! Finally we will have daily check ins to RightFitt per the usual!

Ok ok ok... I know that seems harsh. So we will give you 3 slip ups for the month. BUT THAT'S IT!! If you miss more than 3 days - you lose. (Actually you win no matter what if you are getting more work in than usual!!)

Challenge Fee is $10; Register & Pay Below!!


Details will be sent on April 2nd and work will start on April 3rd so enjoy your FREE 2 days of rest in between!!

You must register on this link in order to receive email instructions.

Pay Here - If you complete the 100pts and all check ins you win a prize free entry into May and can pick up a prize from the Platte!!!

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