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Bringing Sexy Back - September At Home Challenge!

We live in a world of computers and phones and hunched over Egor like posture... it's a fact!! So this month - we are BRINGING SEXY BACK!

We will be focusing on buffing up those backs and pulling in that core... and YES... it's going to be helping your posture. I know I know.... sounds a little boring. But did you know that poor posture can make you look like you have an extra 15lbs on you? And good posture can make you look like you LOST 15 POUNDS!?

Not to mention - strong backs are SEXY!!!

For this months challenge you will have about 5 minutes per day of strengthening and stretching. In addition, you will have a weekly mission of back and core work that can be done over the course of the week or in one workout! Per the usual... if you complete all of the workouts and check ins, your October Challenge will be FREE!!

So let's bring Sexy back!! Join up through September 7th!

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