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This Community is Here for You Through Thick and Thin

Fitt Results Alert:

Melissa Moya

Momma from Albuquerque, NM

Goal: Get my body and mind in a better place Achievement: Lost 35lbs so far and found a community I love!

World meet Melissa!! Melissa is a proud momma of 2, a wife of 18 years; and has a cat, a dog and a bearded dragon!. Her oldest was in gymnastics with Coach Caley's daughter and she watched people get results with RightFitt and ProjectMe for years. Instead of giving it a shot, she continued to watch... and she wasn't sure why 😂

Finally in 2019, Melissa decided to give it a shot. She wanted to "take back my life and get my mind and body in a better place." She joined ProjectMe. Instantly, she wondered to herself why she had waited SO LONG!!

ProjectMe helps with accountability and provides me with access to great workouts as well as has taught me proper nutrition. ProjectMe gives me the tools I need to succeed!

Unlike the other programs Melissa had tried, ProjectMe helped her get results and KEEP THEM. She has lost 35lbs so far, and she is just getting started!

Through good nutrition and exercise I feel better and have more energy than ever!!! The changes in my body are becoming more noticeable and the scale is dropping... and so are my pants🤣!

**WARNING** Our programs may not be expensive at all (in fact they are very affordable) BUT buying a new wardrobe as you drop from a size 14 to a size 6 can get a little costly 🤣

Over the course of the first month, Melissa fell in love with our programs. So much so that she decided to become a part of the team right away! Why NOT introduce her friends and family to this healthy lifestyle while she was on the journey!

Some people hide their efforts and results... they may want to get results before their friends to "get a head start" or they might just be too timid to share, afraid of the commitment... NOT MELISSA! She immediately found joy in telling others about her lifestyle and was quickly able to help a handful of people - all of them working together!

I found my passion through ProjectMe, I enjoy the benefits to this day.

Recently Melissa was confronted with some heavy life. As you know, we all have challenges that hit us. For many people, these challenges lead to a downward spiral of their health. This was when Melissa saw an even more powerful benefit of our programs. She realized that she had an entire community of:

  • women standing by her side

  • women there to support her no matter what

  • women who don't judge

  • women who lift her up

There are so many wonderful ladies here who have helped support me and mentor me through my journey first as a client , and now as a coach. I know they will continue to be there for me and have shown that during the last few difficulties life has thrown at me and that is something else I love about this community.

We are so blessed to have Melissa as a part of the team and look forward to continue to support both her and her friends and family as they find the joys of RightFitt and ProjectMe!

Guys the friendships and motivation you will find here is remarkable. The nutrition and the wellbeing is amazing! If you have any questions or need a little push - let’s talk! I am excited to help you on your journey.

If you are ready to take a leap and give YOURSELF the chance to make the change, fill out this form and request a

If you don't know another RightFitt client or coach, pick Melissa Moya as your contact!!

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