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A Local Miracle Takes Your Breath Away

100s of people come together supporting baby Whitten John

Last weekend a true miracle occurred in Thornton, CO as the community came together to wrap their arms lovingly around a family going through a major life storm. Just as the dark ominous clouds were rolling over the Rocky Mountains, so was this family experiencing in life.

The Carrolls, all natives to Colorado, have 4 amazing children spreading from 1 years old to 18 years old and just over three months ago their lives stopped in their tracks.

The youngest Carroll, baby Whitten John, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer complicated by another rare disease - a combination that approximately only 35 children are diagnosed with a year in the US. After weeks in the hospital, followed by months of learning how to attempt to fight multiple diseases that have very few answers; in face of multiple chemotherapies, altering medication and a lot of challenges, the Carrolls knew it was time to humbly ask for help.

A local business, Giggling Life Care Farm, offered to host a cancer benefit and Saturday was the first annual “Whitten’s Wing for Warriors” event, where the community came together to support this family in a time of need. They prayed for good weather and a loving turnout, as they had been carefully tracking the weather report seeing that the day was predicted to turn into storm filled clouds and rain during the EXACT time of the benefit.

We thought with the weather coming through that maybe ½ of the guests would show up, but as you will see, a community this strong shows up to weather any storm - in the sky or life.

Over 50 volunteers arrived to set up farm animal features, horse rides, art and crafts, silent auctions, raffles, carnival games informational booths, swag tables, bake sales and over 15 large canopies to try keep the guests dry when the storm hit.

As they were finishing the set up, Whitten’s mom, Caley, hurriedly rushed around the barn helping everyone with last minute tweeks. When she had a minute to come up for air, she peaked outside and saw a line of over 50 families waiting to share their love. She then peered out the other side of the barn and looked upon the event to see 100s of people laughing, hugging and enjoying the event. Tears filled her eyes.

Despite the storm that was predicted to roll through, over 400 people came together with rain jackets and galoshes in tow - ready to weather any storm TOGETHER.

Merely 30 minutes later, Caley stood to welcome the crowd. She stared out at the sea of humans and looked upon the beautiful black and blue swirling clouds hovering the Rockies behind them. With a light nervous laughter, she told the group to blow the clouds to the north and surely the storm would veer right around them.

And that is exactly what happened. While neighborhoods all around experienced a downpour that stopped them in their tracks (or on the side of 470), The Giggling Life Care farm experience a couple light releases from the clouds above.

For a meer 15 minutes, rain cooled the event, settled the dust and brought people in close beneath the barn roof and canopies. The little storm allowed guests to bump into unexpected friends and people they hadn’t seen in years, wondering how one another knew the Carroll family as they hugged closely in greeting protected from the storm.

And when they all emerged, they gazed upon the most beautiful rainbow covering the sky.

Miracles DO happen.

Even though the local Carroll family is weathering a major life storm right now, their community is showing up for them - rain or shine.

Because that is what it is all about. Taking care of one another. Learning to ask for help. Giving with an open heart. Knowing that their are different seasons in each and everyone of our lives…

But together, we can weather any storm. And when we come together with love in our hearts , a rainbow is on the other side.

Looking for a way to support? Use this picture as your profile pic and spread the word, prayers, love and support! If you share anything about our story - use #WhittenStrong Despite the serious life adversity we are facing, we aim to bring joy into the world in any way we can revealing that perspective DOES reveal miracles.


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