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A Program You Can Stick With!

Darlene Cole

Entrepreneur & Momma from Brighton, CO

Goal: Find something I could stick with Achievement: Lost 35lbs

World meet Darlene!! Darlene found RightFitt when she was seeking a program she would STICK TO. (Because let's face it... how many of us start a program and quit because it isn't attainable in the long run.)

Although Darlene dabbled in the nutrition for awhile, she wasn't initially convinced this lifestyle would be her solution. Sure - the smoothies were great and easy - but would she really want to keep it up?

What drew her in was the way we coach here at RightFitt. She heard over and over again how we offer OPTIONS. You don't give up any of your favorite foods and you don't just "drink shakes". In fact, we simply teach you how to find the foods you love that fit the macros that deliver results. If you don't want your smoothie for breakfast - no problem - have your tried our healthy juevos rancheros!?

If you love your nutrition... results are going to JUST HAPPEN!

Darlene decided to dive in and really give the program a shot in April of 2020. The FittCoaches had proved to her over and over again that the program works if you just remain consistent.

"I have stuck with the nutrition for about 9 months now and have lost 35lbs."

Recently, Darlene decided to elevate her results and effort by joining the support of ProjectMe! She started adding in workouts - again wanting to find something she would stick to! This is another key benefit of our programs. The workouts are fun, simple and accessible. But what's even more, we don't require you do our exact programs. Instead we encourage you to find what you love and stick with it!

"This program has helped me become consistent. The coaches positivity is contagious and I am so happy to be able to be in a group with them and have a product that fits in my life. The nutrition is a tool I use to achieve the goal of being consistent and the weight is coming off!"

Darlene says she has more work to do but now she KNOWS she can do it!! We are so thankful to have her on our team and look forward to continuing to work together

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