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Breastfeeding Mom's Weight Loss Process

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Tracy Durland

Momma who works in education from Dacono, CO

Goal: Maintain Weight Loss After Baby! Achievement: Lost 30lbs & down 3 Pant Sizes

Isn't motherhood wonderful!! Full of coos and hugs and smiles... full of firsts and exploration... and full of more love than you could possibly imagine!

And then motherhood presents a little challenge. Our miraculous bodies, that create these little humans, have to stretch and contort to fit in the beauty of life. Every woman's body is different and every woman's body recovers in a different way. So HERE is another amazing NEW MOM STORY!

World meet Tracy! Tracy has two wonderful children who are 1 and 3! When Tracy had her son, she was happy that her body was able to bounce back fairly quickly! She loved breastfeeding and felt it helped her along the way. But when she was through breastfeeding, she saw her results go backwards. She was frustrated the results didn't last.

When she had her daughter, she decided she didn't want to follow in the same pattern. She wanted to lose the weight and KEEP IT OFF! This is why she reached out to Coach Caley. She had seen ProjectMomMe and the incredible results the other mommas were getting and she decided to give it a try!

"I lost weight pretty easily while breastfeeding my first baby, but it wasn’t as easy to keep it off. ProjectMe gave me the tools I needed to continue losing after my second baby and to keep it off. I love that I’ve found something that works and that it fits in well with my lifestyle. I’ve appreciated the accountability and enjoyed the workouts and making friends along the way!"

Tracy is down 30lbs and is keeping it off! She lost 3 pant sizes and no longer hides behind baggy clothes! Thank you for being a part of the Rightfitt Community Tracy!!

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