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Challenges Work - 45 Pounds Lost!!

Sherri Daschner

Janesville, MN

Goal: Find a program that works

Achievement: Lost 45lbs and continues to join challenges!

It all started one year ago with a simple Shake Challenge!! Sherri had tried an assortment of things to lose the weight but nothing was sticking.

She found out about a 21 Day Shake Challenge and thought -

Why not. Might as well give it a shot.

I would love to say that her results were instant... but they weren't. It's not super simple for everyone... sometimes we have to make some tweaks and find out what works best for YOUR body. While she loved the shakes (they were delicious, affordable and easy to make) she only lost a few pounds. In fact, the first stubborn 10lbs took months to pack up their bags and head out.

Here is the thing about weight loss.... you can't try something for a couple weeks or a couple months and then give up because it isn't as FAST as you would like. Change takes time and consistency.

SO - Sherri kept putting one foot in front of the other. She loved her new nutrition habits... so why NOT keep moving forward. She joined a couple #RightFittAbs Challenges and started working out for the first time in years!! They were simple enough to get done from home and the 10 minutes a day wasn't too daunting.

She started to feel stronger, but she still wanted more results. She then joined the Jet Drink Challenge, ProjectMe™️ and 10 Perfect Days.

Each challenge taught her something new and pushed her to keep moving forward with an accountability group that gave her a reason to keep making good choices.

Sherri is now down 45 pounds and continues to use all of the RightFitt Challenges and programs to stay on track!! We are so proud of her and her commitment to her health.

Check Out My Coach - Caley Carroll

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