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Choosing Healthy so I Can Be an Energetic Grandma!

Ruthie Koontz

61 year old from Westminster, CO

Goal: Mentally find peace and happiness!

Achievement: Lost 25lbs while making connections that have changed her life

Do you guys remember Ruthie and this awesome first photoshoot she did with us!??

We ran into Ruthie almost 5 years ago... and when I say we ran into her... we literally RAN into her!!

At one of our workouts in Thornton Colorado, we happened upon an amazing momma and her daughter and said hello. We invited them to laugh and sweat with us and they said yes! What a beginning to a beautiful friendship!

At the time, Ruthie was in a bit of a rut. She found RightFitt and kickstarted her results!

Since then she has joined I AM: Journey to enhance her mental results and has continued her involvement in monthly challenges and ProjectMe™️.

So here we are at photoshoot number 2 and she just amazes us every single time. She radiates beauty, kindness and love in every way!!

Ruthies Story

What I like about RightFitt….. If I had to sum it up in one word would be …. Connection!

In 2015 I was living life, but a bit superficially. I was floating along, disconnected from my ’self’:

  • Children growing up and leaving home (no more sports, or groups, no activities)

  • Our dog died

  • Menopaus

  • Depression increase

  • Activity/exercise decrease

  • Weight gain

  • Clutter increase

I hid in eating and reading - SO mental, emotional, physical were all in an ultimate state of “Meh”!!

Literally running into the RightFitt group was a catalyst for a gradual shift that has evolved over 5 plus years. RightFitt has provided me with connections, friends, support, accountability, friends, personal growth, encouragement, friends, confidence, challenges, (did I mention friends) and evolvement (I AM: Journey at it's finest)

I have discovered my personal/unique/individual self ….. clarity, awareness and acceptance!

I like the skin I’m in and am embracing change and challenges with a better, more positive, mindset.

We absolutely love having Ruthie as a part of our tribe. She interacts in our private facebook groups, always joins the monthly #RightFittChallenge and brings her radiant smile where ever she goes! She has lost over 20lbs and is an incredibly fit and strong - a role model for all! Thank you Ruthie for giving our program your energy and being RightFitt family!

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