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Community Leading to Accountability

Joliene Trujillo-Fuenning

36 year old mom of 2 and a Quality Assurance Specialist in Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Goal: Feel good, lose weight and feel strong Achievement: Lost 50 lbs

World, Meet Joliene, she joined ProjectMe after having no success losing the baby weight from her second pregnancy on her


Joliene's second baby was born in November 2019.

In January of 2020 she was still up about 35 lbs from pre-pregnancy weight. She started trying to lose the weight as she had done with previous pregnancy with no budging. By February she was fed up with the lack of progress (not a single pound down) and joined ProjectMe. She is now currently down 50lbs!! Weighing in 15 lbs less then her first pregnancy! Joline aslo took advantage of our ProjectMe booty program with focus on toning the lower body and leaning out. Through ProjectBooty she discovered a love for running and even competed in her first half marathon!

Joliene lost 17lbs in her first 6 week cycle, and didn't workout once!!

She followed the nutrition plan and the weight came off!! Joliene did eventually start utilizing our worout program within Projectme and her results elevated!

"Thanks to ProjectMe and some hard work, 1 year postpartum I am down 50 lbs!"

With ProjectMe we teach you how to look for the right foods that will fuel your body AND taste good.

"I love the accountability that ProjectMe provides! There are days that working out or eating right does not sound appealing but then I see all the healthy choices others in the group are making and it inspires me!"

Joliene loves the Accountability our ProjectMe community provides, as well as teaching her how to live a healthy active lifestyle.

"I'm thankful for ProjectMe for helping me find a healthy and sustainable life style!!"

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