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Social Connection is Key to Getting Lasting Results

Brittany Swa

35 year old Claims Adjuster and Mom from Aurora, CO

Goal: Get comfortable in my own skin Achievement: Lost 45lbs and gained confidence

World meet Brittany! When Brittany came to ProjectMe - she had tried everything… But nothing was working out long-term! I think many people could relate to her story… So let’s hear it right from the source!!

Directly from Brittany:

“In September 2019 I felt many ways from losing my home, feeling down about myself and just knowing I was no longer comfortable in my own skin which I had already known for many years.

I had tried everything from Weight Watchers to Isagenix to Optivia, but this ProjectMe program was different.

I knew it from the first few weeks I started! It gave me the ability to talk openly and when I wanted with other members about food, supplements, what worked and didn't and get my answers right away.

This is unlike other programs where I felt disconnected. With ProjectMe I have the social connection through weekly meetings, coaches and, most importantly I have a nutrition plan I know I can stick with long term.

This is the first time I can truly say I am committed to a lifestyle change...not a diet! I can still enjoy holidays and eating out with my son and not feel guilty or like I've screwed up all my progress. It felt great being able to post weekly about my results, good or bad and just receive positive feedback from our group.

I have a lot more self confidence now after losing 45 pounds in 1 year. Family and friends notice and it makes me feel good about myself again. I am not to my goal weight, but I know I'll get there. My energy is so much better and my son noticed that almost immediately.

I am grateful for my coach, Brittany W, who introduced me to ProjectMe and for all the members of this group who support you no matter where you are in your journey!!

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