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I Said Goodbye to Afternoon Naps!

Fitt Results Alert:

Dawn Swartz

45 Year Old Massage Therapist, EA & mom from Frederick, CO

Goal: Find energy Achievement: Lost 8% body fat and ditched the afternoon nap

World meet Coach Dawn! 42 years old, Massage therapist, mommy of 3, PA at her children's school and NOW FITT COACH!!

Dawn’s journey with RighFitt began in 2014 with a simple #RightFittabs challenge! She had NO IDEA how her life was about to change!!!

Before that, Dawn was active, enjoyed working out and loved playing with her little ones who were at that time 2 & 4 and also 17. Even though she worked out 3-5 times a week she lacked energy and could not seem to budge the weight she had gained with her last pregnancy.

“I just resounded to the thought...This is how it is now, I’m older and my body has changed. But boy was I wrong!! "

She went on to join another challenge, one that consisted of logging her food, hitting her protein goal and working out. She went on to lose 8lbs, drop 9% body fat and drop 4 pant sizes!! While that was cool and all, the first thing she noticed was her that energy levels were up and she didn’t need to nap every afternoon!!

Dawn has really taken “It’s a lifestyle” to heart and really has done just that! She participates in most of the RightFitt challenges and has been a part of ProjectMe for years. She has maintained and even elevated her results in the last year. She has even come to enjoy running! Something she never in a million years thought she would.

“RightFitt and ProjectMe have 100% changed my life for the better! I have energy to keep up with my littles and I have learned how to fuel my body, not only for results but to feel good! I am forever thankful!”

Becoming a life long client, is sometimes just that 🥰 But as you may have seen, many of our clients become so passionate about our mission that they start to share with friends. This is how Dawn's story finishes off! She found that sharing with others was rewarding in many different ways. She is an agent of change has helped almost 100 people achieve THEIR GOALS! She loves getting to be the person who finally helps them achieve and maintain their goals! And she also enjoys that her passion project helps her provide income to her family. When Covid hit and shut down the world, it also shut down her massage therapy business. Dawn was able to compensate for the lost income with her job as a FittCoach!

PLUS - she gets even BETTER results as a coach because she is leading from the front! We love having Dawn on as primary Coach on the team! In fact she is the #2 in all of the ProjectMe Coaches helping almost 50 gorgeous women at this very moment! If you didn't hear about us from another coach or client, set up a free consultation with Dawn and see what would best for you!

If you are ready to take a leap and give YOURSELF the chance to make the change, fill out this form and request a

If you don't know another RightFitt client or coach, pick Lynn as your contact!!

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