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I Wanted to Be FITT for my 60th Birthday!

Ruthie Koontz

60 year old from Westminster, CO

Goal: Get my goal health back before my 60s

Achievement: Lost 20lbs while gaining strength and energy

World meet Ruthie! We ran into Ruthie almost 5 years ago... and when I say we ran into her... we literally RAN into her!! RightFitt has groups of people who meet in local parks for fun workouts that anyone can join at no cost! The kids run and play while all of us get our laugh and sweat on! We call it FittTour!

At one of our workouts in Thornton Colorado, we happened upon an amazing momma and her daughter and said hello. We invited them to laugh and sweat with us and they said yes! What a beginning to a beautiful friendship!

At the time, Ruthie was in a bit of a rut. Raising her 3 children, she had always been very active and very healthy. She volunteered, coached, white water rafted, did 5k and 10k races, did challenge races and even did sprint triathalons! She was always on the go!

"As my kids grew up, my lifestyle changed. I wasn't as active. Then I had to have a major surgery - anterior and posterior spinal fusion w/ bone grafting. I also developed a serious GI disorder. All of a sudden, being healthy wasn't that simple."

At this point Ruthie started to put on weight and it crept all of the way up to the 160s which was uncomfortable for her body frame.

So when we "ran into one another" it was the perfect timing!! Ruthie started joining in on some of the RightFitt fun. She met groups of people for park workouts and started to adjust her nutrition. While enjoying the process, she was excited to go from 161 down to 150lbs and maintain it!

And then, like so many of our clients, she decided results weren't so hard to get... why not push a little more!

"My 60th birthday was approaching and wanted to be FITT! So I decided to join ProjectMe and take it to the next level. I lost ANOTHER 10lbs as well as 5.5% body fat!

We absolutely love having Ruthie as a part of our tribe. She interacts in our private facebook groups, always joins the monthly #RightFittChallenge and brings her radiant smile where ever she goes! She has lost over 20lbs and is an incredibly fit and strong - a role model for all! Thank you Ruthie for giving our program your energy and being RightFitt family!

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