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It's Not About 105lbs Loss, It's About The Confidence Gained!

Amanda Burns

Teacher, Mom of 2 from Thornton,CO

Goal: To manage her IBS and continue with her healthy active lifestyle

Achievement: Managing and thriving with IBS, gained confidence and is down 105lbs!

Do you remember Amanda and the first photo shoot she did with us?!

Let us refresh your memory or just fill you in.....Amanda joined ProjectMe™️ in July 2020 after trying all the fad "diets" as well as being diagnosed with IBS and was struggling!!

She embraced the program, utilized all the tools, was able to manage and thrive with IBS and in 5 short months she dropped 40lbs, she continued living the ProjectMe™️ lifestyle and lost another 50lbs within several months, and now 2 years later after continuing to utilize the program she is down a total of 105lbs!!!!

"I started ProjectMe™️ in July of 2020 after being diagnosed with IBS and being told I had a limited number of foods I should eat. I was tired of being sick and fat! I kept seeing my coach's posts and the yummy shakes and mug cakes she would make. I thought maybe I'll try it and lose a couple lbs."

She hopped into ProjectMe™️ with coach Dawn and was a very active participant. She declared her journey and started to follow all of the ProjectMe™️ steps. Her favorite part about ProjectMe™️ is the the support, community and results!

Amanda's story is so much more than just weight loss, most of our stories are!

She found a lifestyle that was simple and taught her how to fuel her body. When you fuel your body right amazing things happen!! Mental clarity, happiness, confidence and as a bonus, weight may decrease.

"My old skinny clothes are now too big! I still have a hard time realizing what my actual size is when I buy new clothes."

Amanda feels AMAZING in her skin! "I have more self confidence then I ever remember having!"

"The old pretend weight on my driver's license was finally way too high! When I renewed I changed the weight by 50lbs!"

Amanda has tried other ways to lose weight and did not have success, only loopholes on what to eat and ended up gaining in the end.

Did we mention that even though ProjectMe™️ provides workouts along with all the other tools needed for success that Amanda only recently started incorporating workouts. YES, she lost over 100lbs without working out!!

For the last couple months she has been participating in our #RightFitt 10min daily workouts and is working on building those muscles!!

Check out the pics below... Last summer Amanda joined a group of ProjectMe™️ women and did the MudGirl run, something she never thought she would do or be able to do!

Amanda is thriving in her new lifestyle and is glowing with CONFIDENCE!!

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