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"It's Not About How Many Times You Fall Down... It's About How Many Times You Get Back Up."

Fitt Results Alert:

Patricia Hendricks

Cosmetologist and Mom from San Diego, CA

Goal: Gain Confidence and Lose 70lbs! Achievement: Lost 35lbs and Still Going

World meet Patricia! Patricia was intrigued by another one of our clients, Kaitlin, who lost 105 lbs! After Patricia had her first boys, she was able to bounce back and find her pre-preggo body. But 9 years later, her and her hubby of 14 years found out the were blessed with surprise baby number 3!

After Patricia's third pregnancy, she would feel horribly sick every time she ate. It's interesting how each pregnancy can affect us and change our bodies. She got started in ProjectMe and began her adapting lifestyle. Just weeks later her husband pointed out that she hadn't been sick in weeks. She was starting to get her health back!!

"I was sleeping better. My energy increased. I was just in a better mood. My 13-year-old told me... I just was't as mad"

Feeling sick and tired, can make us irritable and Patricia was finally on the other side of that coin! Since then, Patricia has been finding her flow. She works out consistently so that she can tighten her body back up. Her final pregnancy resulted in a lot of lose skin and her focus is bringing everything back together!

And she is succeeding big time! Not only is she half way to her goal and has lost 35lbs, but she lost 50 inches!!! 36 inches of that was in her waist!

We love working with Patricia and getting to be a part of her journey! She is devoted to her results and understands that it is just that - It's a journey. It's not perfect. She has good days and bad days. She has good weeks and bad weeks.

"I'm not always great... But it's not about how many times I fall off. It's about how many times I get back up."

Stay tuned for more results and inspiration from Patricia!!

Patricia was coached by Kaitlin Greenemeier. Wanna check out Kaitlin's results?! Link coming soon!

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