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It Was More Than My Weight...My Mental Health Was Taking a Dive

Alicia Champlin

38 year old High School Assistant Principal from Broomfield, CO

Goal: Find something that actually works long term

Achievement: Lost over 17lbs and still going

World meet Alicia!! Alicia is an amazing momma to 4 kids and has always been active! But staying active doesn't always mean you are nailing your health.

Let's hear Alicia's story directly from her!!

"After having my son I found it really challenging to lose that last bit of weight. Stack an injury with 8 weeks worth of a hard cast and an additional 3 months of a boot ... not to mention a career move into school administration with waaaaay longer hours than I was used to... and I ended up putting on weight!

I wasn’t happy with me anymore.

It was more than weight, my mental health was taking a dive. I was no longer loving myself and I was saying mean things to myself all the time.

I lacked the confidence to even try to workout or eat right. I was fueling my body with calories dense, nutrient deficient foods which is something I had never done before! I started trying all sorts of things to get back on track, and believe me, Ihave tried every fad diet you can think of! (Even some that use cayenne pepper and lemons... I bet some of you can probably relate)!

That is when I found RightFitt...I started with the abs challenge in January 2020 and felt good!!! BUT - it wasn’t enough for me. The weight came back and my motivation slacked. I needed more.

Then came ProjectMe. I honestly don’t know how I even got signed up but it changed my life! I started in June and since then have found my confidence in myself again.

I have come to love my body and how strong it is. I have turned to positive self talk as motivation to keep going. The support from the group has become my inner strength and monologue!

I am down over 17 pounds and over 14.75 inches!! But what’s even better is what I have gained!

This is a true lifestyle change, not a fad diet!
  • I have learned how to eat to fuel my body while still having my sweet treats.

  • I have learned I am so much stronger than I ever would have thought.

  • I have learned that the support from an amazing group of people is what I was missing.

  • I have gained confidence, love, and gratitude for myself!

Out My Coach - Caley Carroll

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