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It Was Time For A Lifestyle Change

Shana Fasick

Goal: to get fit and lose some weight

Achievement: Lost 20lbs, feels stronger and more confident

Meet Shana, she joined ProjectMe™️ in 2020 and instantly felt the love and support from our private group!

Shana joined ProjectMe™️ hoping to get more fit and lose a little weight. She was in for a surprise! She quickly dropped lbs and inches and is now down from a size 16 to a 10. She has also connected with a tribe of women who are there to cheer her on and support her every step of the way!

This was Shana's first photo shoot with ProjectMe™️ and she nailed it!! Look at that glow up!

We are so glad to have Shana in the program, she shows up, utilizes the tools and you can see it. She supports all the other women in the group and is such a beautiful soul!

"My pictures from the start to now show me the difference that the healthy nutrition is making in my body."

We provide the tools you need to to step into your healthiest self! When you fuel your body properly AMAZING things happen!

"I’m still a work in progress but I feel so much better in my skin than I used to. I’m growing stronger and more confident through this program."

Shana has embraced her new lifestyle and has stepped out of her comfort zone multiple times since joining the program.

Last summer she even joined a group of women to do The MudGirl Run, she said that was something she would of never done before!

"I’m so glad I took the opportunity to get involved. I know I can achieve what I want to in the future by continuing to push myself and staying focused on my new lifestyle."

Check out Shana's before pics below...

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