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"Living Life" in Survival Mode

Fitt Results Alert:

Jennifer Hanna

Corsicana, TX

Goal: Find Happiness & Lose Weight Achievement: Lost over 30lbs & Found her happy LIFE!

World meet Jennifer!! Jennifer joined ProjectMe and RightFitt after being completely dissatisfied with her body image and happiness in her 30s. And similar to so many of us, it all started YEARS before... (cue flashback music 🎵)

Jennifer started struggling with her weight in her teenage years. She started her family at a young age, adding more challenges to finding a healthy weight. She had her first two children (back to back) and struggled to lose the weight she gained during and after pregnancy. Years passed and by age 21 she had three young children, a full-time job and was not healthy.

"I was in 'survival mode' and was not enjoying life, just living it."

To top it all off, she also had the stress of going to school full-time for nursing, quickly followed by school to become a nurse practitioner. To say she had a busy lifestyle, would be an understatement.

...FAST FORWARD 13 years... (13 years of survival mode)

Once her three children were approaching the teen years, she decided she was “tired of being tired” and not feeling confident and comfortable in her own skin.

"I weighed almost 200 pounds and felt miserable. It was beyond time to take action."

Like many of us, Jennifers results didn't just HAPPEN. She took multiple steps and tried multiple things until she found her flow. She first started to slowly change her diet and joined Camp Gladiator (an outdoor fitness bootcamp) with a friend. She managed to lose around 20 pounds but still felt “sluggish and tired.”

"Working out wasn't enough. I needed more guidance on a day to day basis and I needed more help with my nutrition."

This is when the magic happened! She was introduced to a program called ProjectMe through a friend and decided to give it a try. Like many things, she wasn't consistent at first. But when she truly DECIDED she wanted a complete change, she dedicated herself to the process and program! She committed to following the program along with being active in the RightFitt community and was able to lose over thirty pounds that year.

What's even more incredible, is what happened in her life as a result of her new lifestyle. Now realize - ProjectMe and RightFitt do not cure or treat any diseases, but when your body operates as it's ultimate healthy self, amazing things happen. Her depression, blood pressure and insomnia improved, and she was able to get off of her prescription medication!

“Up...down..up..down. That is how my weight had been forever. I have tried all the "things" from low carb, carb cycling, moderate carb, fasting, counting calories, no processed anything. The only thing that I have been able to do every day and stick with that works for me has been ProjectMe. It has become a lifestyle that is easy for me.”

She says she wishes she would have found this lifestyle years ago. She feels she would have been a “better” mom and student and been able to actually “enjoy” those years instead of just “surviving” them.

"It's not about looks. It’s about energy and confidence. My blood pressure and depression are SO much better with this lifestyle. Not to mention I have made some amazing friends through this journey.So thankful for ProjectMe and RightFitt... and even more thankful for the people who have helped keep me accountable and focused.”

We are excited to share that Jennifer is now a RightFitt coach and ProjectMe affiliate! YES - she is still a full time working Nurse Practitioner AND momma of 3, but when you feel this amazing it's impossible NOT to share! She loves her lifestyle and feels better than she ever has. She enjoys helping others discover that they CAN find a lifestyle they love AND feel good while doing it.

If you are ready to take a leap and give YOURSELF the chance to make the change, fill out this form and request a

If you don't know another RightFitt client or coach, pick JENNIFER as your contact!!


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