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Lupus Will Not Be My Excuse

Fitt Results Alert:

Miranda Connolly

Teacher, mom and do-er of all the things from Cortez, CO

Goal: Lose 10lbs and Stop Yo Yo-ing Achievement: Lost 40lbs and No More Yo Yo-ing!

World meet Miranda! She is a do-er of all things at Freemont Elementary and mom to her 9 year old pride and joy, Tanner.

Miranda's story started when she was 21 years old when she found out she had lupus. Not only was this a life affecting shocker, a year later due to the meds affecting her bones, she had to have a hip replacement. Her doctor assured her that she would have to settle for an overweight physique due to the steroids' she would have to use to control the lupus and the physical limitations due to the hip replacement. This limiting belief did not sit well with Miranda.

In fact, Miranda decided to prove her doctor wrong! When she began, she weighed over 200lbs. Her goal was to lose 10 lbs and stop the yo yo dieting. (which would be amazing after having been told she could not lose any!)

"I have tried so many things before, but it never lasts... I would lose a little weight and put it all back on... up down up down. I needed something that worked!"

She hopped into ProjectMe with coach Dawn and was a very active participant. She declared her journey and started to follow all of the ProjectMe steps. Her favorite part about Projectme is the accountability!

"Between the group and friendships made, I know I have someone to keep me on track! Everyone's story is different, but we all have he same goal- To feel good in our bodies!!"

Miranda didn't just achieved her 10lbs weight loss goal... She has lost 40lbs and completely proved her doctor wrong!

Miranda not only elevated her health and got AMAZING results, she also felt GREAT mentally and physically!

She jumped into life and found herself and family being much more active. They enjoy getting outside as much as possible and they even joined karate as a family!

"I found energy I never thought I would have! My Dr. convinced me that I would just be miserable my whole life since I was limited on what I could do physically with the hip replacement and lupus. I have learned to listen to my body and have found a LOVE for working out, running, martial arts, hiking, paddle boarding and anything outdoors! I Feel happy again!!'

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