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My IBS Led Me to an Amazing Lifestyle Change

Fitt Results Alert:

Amanda Burns

41 Year Old Assistant Director for Primrose and Momma of 2 from Thornton, CO

Goal: Find Some Foods That Worked With Her IBS Achievement: Lost 40lbs So Far!!

World meet Amanda! Amanda lives an active life working at Primrose preschool and as a mommy of 2!

Amanda was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome in July of 2020. Before this, she was feeling sick ALL of the time. Unfortunately, with Covid, the doctors weren't giving her the attention in order to discover the problem. Finally after months of trial and error, they discovered her IBS... All of sudden she was faced with a new set of rules of food she could eat and not eat. This added a serious stress of finding something she could actually actually consume (let alone enjoy).

"IBS completely limited the foods I could have. I was miserable trying to figure out what I could even eat. It was completely stressing me out. Then I saw pics of these amazing looking shakes... and they fit the exact nutrients my body can have!"

Since then, she has 2 shakes a day, every day. She knows that her body loves the shake and that it feels good to eat! She enjoys her snacks and her family dinners, and everything is simple for her now!

As a result, she has lost 40lbs in 5 months! Her intention was to get healthy... and the weight loss just came! In fact, she hasn't even worked out much... and with ProjectMe, you will find out that exercise is a bonus, but it's not required.

Now that Amanda has found her flow with food, she is excited to keep losing weight and tone up!

"It sucks that I have IBS, but if I wouldn't have been diagnosed, I wouldn't have found these amazing programs and I wouldn't be down 40lbs...My only regret is that I didn't start sooner!"

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