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Donuts and Cake for Breakfast? I'm In!

Kelly Yaw

41 Year Old Graphic Designer from Fate, TX

Goal: To Feel Healthier Achievement: Lost 22 lbs

World meet Kelly - badass graphic designer and avid hunter who has been working out forever! Not only did she participate in many races with her girls, but she was a member of Camp Gladiator for years and years.

Even though she had great workout habits, something was missing for Kelly. She didn't feel healthy. She felt like there was more for her to accomplish with her health. That is when she happened upon the RightFitt lifestyle!

It all started with one delicious shake. After another of many Camp Gladiator workouts, Kellys CG coach invited her out for a smoothie. What Kelly didn't realize was that THAT smoothie was EXACTLY what her body needed to get on track with her nutrition. This wasn't your run-of-the-meal protein shake; this was all of the macros she needed along with 21 essential vitamins and minerals. But that's not what mattered to Kelly. She actually just LOVED the way it tasted (like dessert) and LOVED the way it made her body feel (energetic)!!

Every journey is different with RightFitt - one of our favorite things is the variety of our programs! Kelly fell in love with her nutrition first. Because we work with the #1 Nutrition company worldwide, Kelly was quickly addicted to the taste, cost and simplicity of our programs.

"I now love to get creative with my healthy nutrition! I am a master of making Protein Donuts and have Protein Mug Cakes almost every day."

Kelly was then introduced to ProjectMe. Right away, the idea of having something for herself sounded amazing! Many of you women out there can relate that our lives often become consumed by doing things for EVERYONE ELSE, and putting yourself on the BACK BURNER. Kelly thought it was time that SHE made the priority list.

"I just needed something for ME. Something that was mine and mine only. ProjectMe sounded perfect!"

Not only was the ProjectMe community exactly what she needed, she lost 7lbs her first round! She found that the accountability and the support was something that was missing. Finally, a program that brought her ALL of the tools she needed together in one space.

"In ProjectMe you meet friends that you would have never have met otherwise. There's no judgment no matter what. It gave me a different perspective on things."

With time Kelly went on to loose 22 lbs and get in the best shape of her life. (even beyond where she was in high school as a volleyball player!) She completed all three phases of ProjectMe as well as many abs and #RightFittChallanges.

Speaking of Phases... One of the key differences of ProjectMe is that we don't help you get the results and then send you on your way. We have seen so many people gain back the weight they lost during a program, and we hate to see people go backwards. In ProjectMe, you first complete the WeightLoss Phase and learn the basic tools for results. Next you move to the Maintenance Phase and learn tools for living a real and fun life while keep those results. Finally we offer an Elevate Phase! This is where Kelly took her results to the next level. This phase teaches you how to get results you most likely NEVER EVEN IMAGINED.

While Kelly started making these amazing lifestyle changes, people began to reach out to her, wondering what she was doing. Even though she was busy with her full time gig and hobbies (did I mention she is a master at crochet?!!), she was excited to help others feel as amazing as she felt. She joined the RightFitt and ProjectMe team and is now helping people every day!

If you are looking to elevate your health or get back on track, set up a free consultation with Coach Kelly and see what would work best for you!!

If you are ready to take a leap and give YOURSELF the chance to make the change, fill out this form and request a

If you don't know another RightFitt client or coach, pick Kelly as your contact!!

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