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Retire Your Yo Yo Diet Ways and Get Results that Last

Karen Ewing Hayes

47 Year Old Tech Selling Momma from Brighton, CO

Goal: Stop Yo Yo Dieting Achievement: Lost 20 lbs

World meet Karen, 47 year old high tech sell rep and mom to 13 and 15 year old daughters! Coach Caley knew Karen for years and watched her dabble in our nutrition option while continuing to try everything under the sun to get and KEEP her physical results. But that was the problem... nothing ever lasted...

I had yo-yo dieted for years. Nothing was sustainable. I could lose weight but the minute I went off the diet, I would gain it all back.

Finally a friend nudged her to join ProjectMe... Yet another program... why not?? She started in September 2020 expecting the same short lasting results. But this time... things were different!

Unlike other programs, ProjectMe doesn't have restrictions that usually result in yo-yo dieting. Instead, ProjectMe EDUCATES you on how to make and ENJOY better food choices. There are no foods "off limit" so there is no temptation to binge on the foods you are about to "give up". It's amazing what happens when you actually LIKE your diet!

Karen lost 14 lbs in her first 6 week cycle! She then continued to follow the plan and utilize all of the things ProjectMe offers to keep you on track like the weekly live meetings, workout options, regular check ins and, of course, the delicious nutrition.

I am addicted to the healthy waffles! I love to have them for dinner and I NEVER feel like I am missing out.

With ProjectMe we teach you how to look for the right foods that will fuel your body AND taste good.

I love this program because it allows you to eat foods you love and nothing is off limits.

Finally, Karen loves that ProjectMe makes working out simple and accessible. It's hard to create an excuse when you can literally complete an effective workout in under 15 minutes in the tiny floor space of your bedroom. They fit into anyones busy life.

ProjectMe is teaching me a full new lifestyle. Finally I have something that is long lasting!

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